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Research Paper Reflections

Yay! You are done with the research mega-paper! This is a cause for celebration. In times like these, it is also good for you to reflect on what you did well, and what you would do better if you had the chance to do this again. I would like to start next year’s research paper […]

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MLA Citation for E-Reader Books

Good question brought up in class today about how to cite sources accessed on an e-reader. Please see the following web page to get MLA instructions.


How-To Videos for Using LMC Research Databases

For some of you who were absent or need a refresher course, here are some FASCINATING videos I have made teaching you how to access the online LMC databases. Click the links below to view the videos. Created with Jing software, so may run on FLASH. Sorry, Apple users. Part 1: ABC-Clio Part 2: World […]


Research Day One Reflections

At the end of day one I wanted to send out a brief note to students and parents about some of the common issues and hiccups that go with the first day. 1. The SOURCE CARD – Students should make their first notecard of information a source card. On the front side they write down […]


Stolen Valor or Violation of Free Speech?

Last week, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in the United States v. Alvarez case. Xavier Alvarez is being charged with violating the 2005/2006 Stolen Valor Act which makes it a crime to falsely claim that one has served in the military, earned medals, makes it illegal to wear medals one has not earned, […]

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Blog of the Week – February 6-10

Please turn in by beginning of class on Friday. The nation experienced its first financial crisis directly after Washington took office. The United States had massive debt from the Revolutionary War. Washington put Alexander Hamilton in charge of finding solutions. Take a look at this graph to get an idea of how bad the debt […]

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Denver Post Student Writing Challenge!

This is an article from the Denver Post dated January 29th. It was written by Barbara Ellis and comes from Page 4D Like Twitter, but Longer I recently had lunch with a brilliant man. He was one of our Colorado Voices columnists for 2011. He showed me several essays he had already written in anticipation […]


MLA Citation Rules

Watch this video to help you with MLA citation of web sites.


Rights that Apply (and Don’t ) to You

The blog assignment for this week is to discuss what you have learned about what first amendment rights, as well as other rights protected under the 4th, 5th, and 9th amendments apply to you and which ones don’t. You are often told that as a minor you have certain restrictions placed on your rights. What […]

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Constitution Choice Project

Here are the directions for the choice project!   


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