Research Day One Reflections

At the end of day one I wanted to send out a brief note to students and parents about some of the common issues and hiccups that go with the first day.

1. The SOURCE CARD – Students should make their first notecard of information a source card. On the front side they write down the citation information. If they have cited it on their page already, then the front is reserved for a brief summary of WHAT the article is about and HOW they found it.
The BACK of the Source card is a great place for students to place their dissected bibliography entry.

2. KEYWORDS – If you can’t find your topic under the terms or phrases you and I have created for your research topic, make sure to use keywords (similar words and topics) and see if the database has information related to those words.

3. Double check that you are citing the source FIRST!!! – Even after two or three tutorials and a web video, I still had to remind many students today about citing the source first and then taking notes.

4. Save properly – Make sure you have saved your works cited onto your EMS drive AND/OR your flash drive or EMS H:drive. Always have your original and a couple of backups in case something goes wrong.

5.  Talk with Mr. Markham or I by the end of class tomorrow if you are still struggling to find resources. We want you to be successful and have a good list of sources to choose from.

All the best!

Mr. Stewart

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