Blog of the Week – February 6-10

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The nation experienced its first financial crisis directly after Washington took office. The United States had massive debt from the Revolutionary War. Washington put Alexander Hamilton in charge of finding solutions.

Take a look at this graph to get an idea of how bad the debt was.


Compare this with the following graph showing our current National budget.


I would like for your post this week to discuss what Alexander Hamilton would do to try and solve the current budget crisis. Insert your own thoughts and opinions as well, making sure to reference the two graphs I have given you. I’d like for you to also discuss how your views on solving budget issues may put you into certain political categories.





  1. Aubrianna Said,

    February 6, 2012@ 4:00 pm      

    alexander hamilton would, develope a plan to………
    to be continued

    • Jacqueline Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 2:12 pm      

      Alexander Hamilton would develop a plan that would involve the people. There are three parts to the plan. One would be that the US government would fully assume or agree to pay all federal and state debts. The second one is that the US government would charter a national bank for depositing government funds. The third is that the US government would impose a high tax on goods imported into the country. I think that he would try to pay all the debts that are taking them down the most first then pay off the others. He would probably try to raise tax so that the debt could be paid off slowly. But when we talked about our current debt, the amount of debt owed would take thousands of years to pay off.

      • Mr. Stewart Said,

        February 17, 2012@ 7:19 am      

        This is true if the tax increase is very small, but with close to 300 million paying taxes, a lot could be paid toward the debt over time. I think you have a great grasp on how Hamilton dealt with our first national debt problem. Could you reference the charts to demonstrate more of the problem with our deficit spending? Also, try to do a little more to end these paragraphs with a strong conclusion.

  2. Kate Said,

    February 6, 2012@ 5:18 pm      

    Budget problems. America has them and we the next generation are being penalized for our leaders’ mistakes.
    We are a country that was born into debt (sound familliar to us now?). Back 236 years ago when the United states of america was just starting out, we had debt. $81,497,000 to be exact. This is probably what Mitt Romney has in his kids’ bank accounts right now! If you look at the graph of the countries debt then in 1776, you will notice that the government’s TOTAL DEBT is about 27 times MORE than the income. This is a serious issue because first of all, we had barely just enough to sustain our budget to run the Government and second of all, its not likely for us to be able to repay all of that debt before our generation now comes into being. It will carry over to us and keep on following this path until our country declares bankrupcy. Its almost like an african family that takes out a loan from a quarry. They take out as much as they need to support their family but in return the adults have to work in that quarry until that debt is paid off. The trouble is; the family can’t pay it off just then because the owner of the quarry doesn’t pay them enough. So then the debt is carried on to the children of the family. The dominos keep on falling and falling until eventualy the paid for it. This can take almost six generations to pay off. SIX! See where I am going with this? Sound familliar? Thought so… This is JUST like America! We took out a gigantic loan from France and other European countries and we are STILL paying it off to this day! This just isn’t right! If we are spending more than we bring in then America… CUT THE SPENDING on uneccessary wars and other things! Stop loosing innocent people in Afganistan, Iran and Iraq! There are some things we cannot help spending towards like Social Security, Medicare and retirement programs.
    If I were Alexander Hamilton today I would be apaled. I wouldn’t think my country was hopeless though. I would try to help fix this massive problem. What I would do first would be to cut the amount of money spent on the Department of Defense because if we did, that would bring our troops home AND allow for a third of the spending to go down. The chart Mr. Stewart showed us had me confused for a second until I realized the chart would have more red than blue if we didn’t have any Discretionary Funds. That would mean the US is taking in MORE than it is spending. That would mean an end to a little of our financial troubles. Then we’d have the problem of the debt still. Repaying the countries we had borrowed from would take a long time. Then I as Alexander Hamilton would lower the working age to around 13 so that we could have more jobs and more taxes! With more taxes, the government could take in more and we could repay China! Repay China and we have no more debt! That may not cure our troubles forever but it will at least give America the financial peace it diserves!

    • Britney Said,

      February 8, 2012@ 5:17 pm      

      I like how you said “If i where Alexander Hamilton today.” It showed the reader what you thought about the National Debt, and how you would help

    • Alexa Said,

      February 8, 2012@ 6:58 pm      

      I liked how you used humor at times, but were serious again afterwards. Although i don’t quite agree with you on having more taxes, i enjoyed reading your ideas.

    • Saxon Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 4:15 pm      

      Kate I love your post! I agree with almost everything you said and I also think that if we as country cut all the unnecessary spending we could pay off this debt. Although some may not agree with raising taxes it may be what we need to do to try and pull our country out of debt. Great Job!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:29 pm      

      Great blog post. The only point of clarification I failed to make was that the first national debt was paid off under Andrew Jackson.

  3. D'yonna Said,

    February 7, 2012@ 5:31 pm      

    In my opinion, I think that Alexander Hamilton would have made more jobs for people and maybe even lowered ages for children to work. Hamilton most likely would have tried more than one way to pay back the money we owe to other countries. For example: Working to pay off some of the money we owe.
    Maybe he’d also add taxes, and explain to the citizens why we need the taxes to be a trusted and reliable country. In my opinion, I’d have many more jobs opened in order to bring money in. I would also run a lot of charity’s and take part in it myself, an make rewards for the highest donators. There are many options that the government is not considering in order to help pay for things. Also having new cars like the new Lexis in 2013 (Just think about how much money the United States will spend to have it come in!) will distract the states on how important this matter is. We have better and greater things to deal with than worrying about the new cars coming soon. The matter at hand can put the United States in a bad position, and reputation. There are so many things to do to fix it.

    • Mary Liz Said,

      February 8, 2012@ 5:31 pm      

      I agree with you! Do we honestly need new cars every year? We should also maybe start having factories in America than China, it opens more job fields too. Government needs to start seeing things differently, than nice cars that are sold new every year! Nice job, D’yonna! I like that you want to have more charitys and give a reward for the highest donators.

    • josh Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:26 pm      

      I like you how you mentioned that we should explain why we would raising the taxes to the citizens……. if not people would just think the gov is getting greaty instead of paying of war depts

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:11 pm      

      D’yonna – great ideas. The idea of a charity for the government with rewards would be great. We have something like that in the form of the Lottery – which is run by federal and state agencies. Also, sticking to American-made goods will serve a lot of these purposes as well. I’d just like to see you connect these ideas to how they might improve the numbers on the graph as you see them.

  4. Britney Said,

    February 8, 2012@ 5:15 pm      

    When Washington first stepped into office he was nervous, and it was also the first finical crisis that the U.S. encountered. Washington didn’t know what to do so he asked Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of treasury, to find a way out of the financial crisis. Alexander came up with a 3-step plan to help Washington.
    By the time the Constitution was written and approved in 1793, the U.S. had borrowed nearly forty million dollars from other countries and from speculators. They tried to cancel the debts, but Hamilton stepped in and encouraged the U.S. the pay of the debts along with full interest. Alexander said that if the U.S. did not pay off all debts other countries would think of them as “unstable.” To pay of the debts Alexander planned to raise the taxes around the country. Some people protested Hamilton’s idea, and many states said they already paid off their debts.
    After Alexander cleared his idea through Congress, he had to deal with the banking problems. Alexander proposed that a National bank should be created to hold the Nation’s wealth and finances. In 1790 Alexander presented the proposal to the Congress. But the Secretary of the State Thomas Jefferson said the National Bank was unconstitutional. Washington settled the issue. Washington said that the Constitution had to be interpreted in time to promote national well-being.
    Through high tariffs designed to protect American industry from foreign competition, government-financed transportation improvements, and government subsidies, he hoped to break Britain’s manufacturing hold on America. But unfortunately the South States thought that the high Tariff would only benefit North states. Because of that the high Tariff was denied.
    I think that Alexander’s 3-step plan really helped the U.S. get through one of their first hard times. I think they showed other countries that they are not a New Country that they are ready for becoming independent, and that they are not ready to give in.

    • Lauren Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 6:57 pm      

      Britney, i liked your blog you did a great job on discribing Alexander’s three step plan. but whats your oppinion? you gave a lot of information about Alexander Hamilton but what about yourself? i want to hear about Britneys ideas…

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 12:52 pm      

      Please make sure to cite your sources appropriately:

      You took a large section of your ideas from this page, and while you tried to paraphrase, you still need to reference these outside sources with an MLA citation. Please do this to receive full credit

  5. McKelvy, David Said,

    February 8, 2012@ 5:33 pm      

    What i would do if i were Alexander Hamilton….??? I would find a way to split the debt in half and pay one half now andthe other half later.

    • Elliot Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 3:16 pm      

      David, that’s a good point, but it wouldn’t completely solve it. every day the government borrows more and more money, and they’d still owe the same ammount, and it would be even harder to pay back. I would also suggest that you make your posts a little longer. This is pretty short, and doesn’t meet the 7-10 sentence requirement.

  6. Kelsey Said,

    February 8, 2012@ 6:42 pm      

    Thomas Jefferson would cut government programs like education and paving roads. I think that the things like health care, schools, and other government programs are worth having. They are essentials to spend our money on. For example, education and defense are for sure essential. Although, we could lower the amount we spend on defense. After all, our nation spends more than any other in the whole world on our military. We could easily lower the budget for the military a little, just for now, to help with the debt. Alexander Hamilton would make it so the taxes were based on a percentage, so that everyone paid their fair share proportionally. I think this would be a good idea, because right now a rich politician pays less in taxes than a school nurse. He would agree to pay all debts and never back down. Also, he would make the National Bank larger than it already is in hopes of bringing in more money to help pay the debt. Not only this, but he would most likely increase the tax on imported goods. These were all things he strongly believed in when our nation was a mere infant. It could only help everyone if people were willing to compromise. You do achieve much more when you have an open mind.At this point, it is our duty as Americans to compromise and meet in the middle. One big thing that I think everyone can agree on is to create more jobs for the people right here in the United States. Not only will this bring in more income, but it should decrease the unemployment rate. The absolute only drawback is that we must pay a bit more for the goods we plan to make, but we have the absolute pride of saying that this was made right here and not in some faraway country. I think this is a small price to pay for a large reward in the end.
    Now, the National debt is very similar to what it was when our nation began. It’s absolutely true that we are in over our heads. The one thing we can’t do is to get so involved in arguing about how we are going to get out of debt and not actually accomplish anything. Both parties need to take a reality check, realize we have a crisis on our hands and start acting to make repair our mistakes. It’s no doubt that we have some tough times ahead of us as a country, but there is no doubt we must move forward and out of this hole that we have found ourself buried in. To solve a debt crisis of 14 trillion dollars, everyone will have to pitch in.

  7. Mary Liz Said,

    February 8, 2012@ 9:08 pm      

    America since day one was always in dept. There has not been a time where Americans had the freedom of being dept free. I am not just talking about thousands of dollars, I’m talking about trillions! George Washington time period was only $ 77,228,000 in dept, shown on page 284 of our America textbook. The graph shows (Washington Time) how much income we had, government fee and our dept. Now (our time) with our reckless spending we are close to 4,000,000,000,000, that’s a lot of zeros! The graph of our time shows clearly that we are in fact in huge dept. So how do we solve this gigantic issue?

    Alexander Hamilton proposal for us to help get out of dept is to open up more factories in America to make more jobs available. He would also put high taxes on imported goods from other countries, like everything made in China. Hamilton would also agree to raise taxes for homes and technology. Alexander would like to lower our defense budget and use the money we save to help pay of our depts. Also to make more major trades with countries for money, we could trade out natural mountain water or our artwork.

    I would like to see us spend far less on defense. We go to war for other countries when it is really not our business to be helping. If the country desperately needs our help then maybe we should fight for the losing team. Our parents don’t solve our problems when we are in a fight. So why should we spend money sending troops out overseas, when it is not out business! We should have our 5% rich people pay higher taxes, what do they have to lose? Why do the middle and lower class have to spend more on taxes? I agree with Hamilton we should have more factories in United States of America than to have it in foreign countries. To have more factories in United States of America would mean more jobs available in United States. Cars are made to last, more cars are made in other countries than United States of America. So why are we constantly having brand new cars shipped over? We bought a Toyota Camry last year so why do we need a new Toyota Camry this year? There is so much we can do to help us repay and control our dept. We need to think of “needs” not “wants.” So come on America!

    • Fiona Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 5:22 pm      

      Mary I really liked how you uses lots of numbers and points to back up you statements. I also really liked your word chose , it made you points very interesting!

    • Shelby Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 5:25 pm      

      I really liked your blog Mary Liz. I thought of how you said that Hamilton might do would be that, ” He would also put high taxes on imported goods from other countries, like everything made in China.” i thought that was very important because we don’t have to pay, other countries would have too.
      Great job!!!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:37 pm      

      Point of clarification. The nation did pay off its original debt during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. The number you reference for our current debt is actually our current annual spending. The debt is far larger at 15.334 trillion. When you mention cars like the Toyota Camry, it should also be noted that Camrys and other japanese-based cars are actually made in Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, and Alabama factories.

  8. Kenadie Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 2:39 pm      

    Money problems in America? Hah, common now, it’s an everyday reality. But when the United States was first forming budget was a national crisis. Fortunately for us, we were granted with an amazing helper, Alexander Hamilton. Today, if Mr. Hamilton were alive he would have a solid plan for our national budget crisis. If i were Alex Hamilton i would make our expenses cut by reducing unnecessary spending. We don’t need foreign cars. We don’t need to spend all this money on football. C’mon we do not need to pay our athletes a million dollars. It’s useless, it is wasting money that we could be using to help rebuild our nation. This money is vital to build our nation up again. The spending is not needed and one of the main reasons our nation is in such debt. Useless spending. As much as we Americans enjoy the entertainment it isn’t needed. America, cut our spending. This will help in the future.

    • Devynn Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 4:06 pm      

      good job Kenadie. you could have done a little more research. im not so sure our nation’s budget is spent on football or cars we buy. it is spent more on education, defence, and mantaing the streets. but good job talking about Mr.Hamilton.also good job realizing it is money we need to rebiuld this nation. overall good job Kenadie. ;p

    • josh Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:33 pm      

      Nice post… i liked how you touched on what Hamilton would do in todays economy

    • Mollee Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:22 pm      

      Good job. I like your opening sentance. It really grabs your readers attention.I also like how you described what Alexander Hamilton would do if he were here today.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:00 pm      

      Kenadie – I get the impression that you believe that professional athletes get paid by the government to play a sport. Please note that athletes are paid by their team, which is a private entity, not funded by government money. I think your argument would hold more weight if you were to say that these athletes and others that earn incredibly high amounts of money should pay higher taxes. It’s hard to connect the argument any other way.

  9. Nadia Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 2:40 pm      

    I would fix it by cutting the war becuase we spend so much on starting a war and yes it helps our contry but i say its the reason why we are in the debt.

    • Jenna Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 4:49 pm      

      Good idea Nadia but your response could have been a little longer. The expectation is 7-10 sentences. Other than that I think you had a great idea that just needed a little more explanation behind it.

    • josh Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:31 pm      

      that is a good idea but by the time gorge Washington earned his seat in office the war was over, and the debt wasn’t even considered until our independence was won

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:34 pm      

      Nadia, I need a lot more here. I even offered to help you in class to make this better.

  10. Carsen Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 2:42 pm      

    When having to deal with a task this serious you have to think of the necessities and wants for America. Alexander Hamilton had to deal with the situation of fixing the massive debt that America had gotten itself into. Away he could and probably did was make budget cuts of unnecessary things, also taxing many things such as whiskey. But putting taxes on many things was something that people didn’t like so they rebelled. This made Alexander have to think of other ways to fix the debt America had. So he started to raise prices on things but didn’t make them obvious so people wouldn’t get upset and made slight taxes that people would be ok with. Sadly America just had to keep borrowing so it put us in a bigger debt.

    • Joey Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 3:13 pm      

      nice post carsen! you had exelent word choice and great points.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 2:39 pm      

      This blog is missing some key elements of fact. Check to see what Hamilton actually did with a three pronged approach to the debt. Also, you will find that he was not a supporter of indirect (or hidden) taxes. Also, the debt was paid off when Andrew Jackson was President. This is new debt created since then.

  11. Elliot Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 3:13 pm      

    If i were Alexander Hamilton today, i would be amazed at how much debt the U.S. has accumulated over the years. But the shock wouldn’t stop me from trying to find solutions. First of all, I would stop sending soldiers to Afganistan. Well, actually, I don’t know if that’s what he’d do, but hear me out on this. I figure that the terrorists are just bullies. Like bullies, they do bad things to get a reaction. If we stop giving them the reaction that is the war, then they’ll stop. They will think that it’s all pointless, and they’ll be done. We can keep the security up and running here to keep the terrorists from blowing our buildings up, but we will just stop the whole war thing. This would save us a lot of money, and even more lives. I would also end Occupy Wall Street by taxing the people who are rich the same as everyone else, and we would earn more money this way. That would kill two birds with one stone. All in all, these plans would solve our debt, and I’m sure Alexander Hamilton would approve.

    • Alexa Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 11:54 pm      

      I would have to disagree with you Elliot. Although terriosts certainly do enjoy recieving a rection, thats not why they kidnap, hijack and overall kill. Or at least not the only reason. Terrorists are raised to kill. They even commit suicide for their cause. In Michael Scheuer’s words, “they (referring to terrorists) hate us for what we (America) do, not who we are”. Whether we have soldiers fighting for us or not, the terrorists will strongly dislike…ok, hate America. I do agree that we don’t need as many troops away from home as there are now, but they are indeed protecting us. If we just give up and go away, the terrorist orginizations will take advantage of our weak defense thinking “now is our chance to take over America! We’re now safe to kill them”. Terrorists are more than “bullies”.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:16 pm      

      Elliot, the defense contingency in Afghanistan is very expensive and getting out would save a lot of money and a lot of lives. You are on to something there. Can you connect the info from the graphs to compare our spending now to 1789 spending?

  12. Gregory Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 3:47 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton’s plan to help the nation’s debt problem was these three things: pay off the war debt which includes state debt, raise government profit and create a national bank. My position on fixing the debt is to tax the rich people more because the rich have money to give. Also cut government spending by not buying things from other countries and buy locally. Scot Walker should run for president because he got Wisconsin from bankruptcy to one of the richest states. He is a good financial expert and a smart man. All in all, the debt is very large and the young people should not have to pay for it but we will.

    • Landon Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 4:30 pm      

      Greg, I honestley agree about your opinion of making the rich pay a little bit more then the poor.

    • Mitchell Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:53 pm      

      I think we should have the rich pay more but, if every person in America with over one million dollars gave all there money to the government it would only pay for half of the interest of our debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:33 pm      

      Interesting ideas. Do you know if Scott Walker’s cost cutting measures were widely accepted and praised by the public or were they met with fierce criticism by many? I am not sayingthat Walker’s policies were bad, but could a leader today withstand a barrage of protests in order to balance a budget?

  13. Natasha Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 4:10 pm      

    Budget and spending; You’d think that America would have it down and under control by now. Alexander Hamilton did many things to try to improve the debt from the Revolutionary War. Alexander Hamilton knew that if the United States wouldn’t pay off their debts, other countries would look at us as untrustworthy to lend money to, as well as to trade to. Knowing that he is fully aware of the challenge this will be, Hamilton would also be hard working and determined with today’s crisis, and even with the stress it would bring, Alexander Hamilton would try to reassure the debt is paying off, as soon as possible.

    One of the steps to his plan was to build a national bank. Perhaps in the current financial crisis, he would increase the size of the national bank, as to hope it brings in more money for debt, as well as to provide more jobs for citizens. Alexander Hamilton would definitely, if put in the position of today’s debt, also make sure spending of the government was cut back. Although we do need essentials and necessary items to function, we can cut back on “wants”. We would make sure that with what we earn, we spend the money in a controlled fashion, monitoring how much we spend and what we are doing with it. With this, he would also make sure that, with being generous to other countries going through hard times, like Japan’s earthquake and the homeless in Haiti, we would make sure that we are helping ourselves out of this crazy debt before we make a super move to help other countries. He would realize that in the process of helping other countries, we are also hurting ourselves. Along with cutting back on our spending, we could also do small things to add up in the long run. For example, if Hamilton were to lower the working age to 13, we would be able to ensure more jobs for our economy, and more taxes. If they also safely legalized drugs, we could tax them, for more money off of our debts.
    Alexander Hamilton would also realize that we are spending too much money on our defense, as we spend more money on our military than most countries spend on theirs combined! We would cut a third of our spending if we were to lower the budget for our defense. If we are able to still safely defend out country, and fight with the resources that we have, we could save a lot of money and help to work off our exceeding debt.

    Although these are only small things, they would contribute in the long run, and be able to sustain and help our economy, and our growing debt. We, as the next generation would be handed this debt and this problem, and once we pay off all our debt, and start spending responsibly, an extreme weight will be taken off our shoulders.

  14. Landon Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 4:29 pm      

    Ever since America actually became America, George Washington was faced with quite a few challenges. But I would like to focus on the debt America owed. George Washington placed Alexander Hamilton in charge of our money. He could pay off the debt eventually considering America made more money than they had to use back then. But in our debt right now, I would be curious to know if Alexander Hamilton could handle to pay off 14 trillion dollars of debt. I’m sure he would cut our military funds considering our country spends the most money on military in the world. If we could cut that down to a lower price, we could be able to pay off our debts faster. I also think Alexander Hamilton would attempt to create more jobs so we could earn more than we spend. America is like a bank, we ‘keep’ their money but have to pay it back. But sometimes the other countries want ‘interest’ depending on how long we’ve had that debt. That is my own opinion and the ‘interest’ that the other countries may want could result in another war.

    • Kurt Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:08 pm      

      Great job Landon!
      Based on his history, I believe Alexander Hamilton would help America in those ways. However cutting the military funds would also cut money given to military families. Maybe another option would work. I like the reference you made about America being a bank.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:05 pm      

      Goo reference to military spending from graph

  15. jake hain Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 4:57 pm      

    I think that Alexander Hamilton to solve the crisis is to cut unnecessary costs. By eliminating costs the country would flow better and it would help the debt. For example, now in time we have a debt crisis and we need to help by cutting what they buy and finding a reasonable solution to help this. For instance we could cut how much we borrow from other countries. Alexander Hamilton wanted to make a bank of the united states that would help pay the debt and put them in with good credit. If i were Alexander Hamilton I would ask for loans that could get them out of debt so that they could pay for it over time and cut it for some time. George Washington placed Alexander to come up with a plan to help the debt crisis. Alexander helped alot with it by making several plans to help with it, Including the Bank of the united states. Alexander in my eyes should of made more jobs so that people could help pay for it therefor getting them out of this crisis and helping the Economy. Alexander Hamilton got them out of that crisis but thoughs same steps could help with our debt crisis.

    • Hannah Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 6:26 pm      

      Hey Jake i love your blog this week. You staded a loot of awesome fact and over all it was just really great!

      • Hannah Said,

        February 9, 2012@ 6:27 pm      

        i ment a lot*

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:28 pm      

      I think you are confused as to why we are in debt in the first place. We have taken out loans to pay the cost of running the government for years and that’s why we are in a heap of trouble. I want you to use the graphs provided to discuss how our situations are similar, and how they are different.

  16. Sydnie Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:01 pm      

    During the revolutionary war the U.S. war in intense debt after GEorge Washington took office. BY looking at the graphs, the U.S. government was collecting enough in taxes to pay its expenses, but not enough to pay off the debt. The total dept was $81,497,000 because the U.S. owed $77,228,000 and had to pay $4,269,000 to run the government. The problem was that the U.S. only had $4,419,000 to pay all this debt off. According the current graph of the National budget, the U.S. is still spending to much money on mandatory spending. For example, the money spent for social security was about $700 trillion when the U.S. should have spent $3.5 trillion. As you can see the U.S. is still in great dept. I believe Alexander Hamilton should make sure the government doesnt spend as much money on the mandatory spending.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:08 pm      

      Hey! Good job on the information usage. I would say that the numbers are a little off in some respects (billion to trillion). At any rate, cutting to mandatory spending would be a very controversial plan. Essentially, this would mean that people who have been paying into Social Security for all of their working lives will not have that source of income that when they retire. Essentially, it’s called mandatory spending because the people pay into it knowing it will be there when they need it. The other spending is called discretionary spending and it covers a much larger amount that makes the deficit due to the fact that congress decides how much it wants to spend on these items.

  17. Jenna Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:06 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton used taxes to try and fix the debt problem caused by the Revolutionary War. The people rebelled against the idea of spending more money on their supplies. He fixed this problem by raising prices but not making it obvious to the people that they were spending more. That plan isn’t working now because America kept borrowing money from other countries. Now we need new ideas to solve this crisis. I believe the government should cut unnecessary spending. They should also stop bailing out big companies with money they don’t even have. If they are going to continue to do so, they should do the right thing and bail families out of debt also. Another good idea is to make more jobs. The more jobs we have, the more money we will be able to make. There are many more solutions but not everyone can agree on just one. The problem will only get worse if we don’t do something now.

    • Yale Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 6:53 pm      

      Jenna, I LOVE the fact that u have many great ideas to help our debt. They were different ideas that i really thought wouldnt help.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:13 am      

      Jenna, these are great ideas. I see you indirectly reference higher taxes issued by Hamilton. Do you mean that Hamilton’s tariff plan (it didn’t pass). Your discussion of the bailout is good as well. Could you do a little more research to provide me with an idea of how much the initial bailout cost the government in money we didn’t have? The best way to improve a post like this would be to provide more exact figures from a simple web search or reference to the charts provided.

  18. Jacob Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:07 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton must have had a hard time trying to come up with ideas for the debt in the revolutionary war, but now the debt is worse than in the revolutionary war. It’s going to take a long time to pay off, if the government gets itself together again then it might take 6 whole generations. To get the government from going bankrupt and to get it out of debt we cut spending and cut all the money going to other countries to help them. We need the help right now and we can’t help others if we can’t take care of ourselves first. There also can’t be any more war cause that’s really expensive to maintain the military overseas.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:44 pm      

      You bring up an interesting point about foreign aid. I believe foreign aid makes up less than one percent of our federal budget, unless you are counting our military operations in Afghanistan as foreign aid, in which case that is a different story. A large portion of our federal budget goes to health care, Social Security, and national defense. I’d like to see you reference the charts in some way as that was the nature of the assignment.

  19. Mary S Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:08 pm      

    When looking at Hamilton’s approach to solving the financial problems I saw that he wanted to tax things that people would buy on a regular basis. If you put that in modern day sense alcohol is still being taxed, but there are things that could be taxed instead. If Hamilton was here today he would probably be encouraging legalizing marijuana. Though I am not for this cause I think it is something he would do because if we legalize it and tax it then the states would bring in a good revenue.
    If Barack Obama put me in charge of finding a solution to the economic crisis I would start cutting things from our budget. I wouldn’t cut schools or health care, but I would cut things from what we spend on defense. According to the chart Mr. Stewart provided us the thing the government is spending most of our money on is defense. Since the war is coming to an end and we are already getting troops out of Iraq we really don’t need to be putting so much money into something that we re trying to end.
    Of course I write about things that I don’t support but if it came down to it I would do anything to get us out of the pit we are digging every minute. I’m sure if we just delegated a few people to come up with some solutions like George Washington did then we would have one step in getting us out of this trench. Also Americas dept is growing every minute. I hope pollutions realize that. They spend hours of debating when and trying to get their ways. If these people just put their political standings behind them and look at the task at hand we could come to a compromise.
    I’m not to happy about the growing resection messing up my future so I hope that we can find better solutions soon.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:11 pm      

      Good. I am glad you put some responsibility on politicians (mainly congressmen). They formed a supercommittee that couldn’t find common ground for a solution last year.

  20. Devynn Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:09 pm      

    Social security, defense, and medicare these are all things that we as Americans take as granted. The thing that most of us don’t think of very often is what this is costing our nation. We have spent 4,000,000,000 dollars. Most of this money has been spent to keep our defenses in such great shape. We are the top country in the world to spend our money on defenses. If you take every other country’s budget on their military it will be half of our budget. We are in what some people are calling the second Great Depression. A lot of people have lost their jobs. We are in a financial crisis now. This is not the first time this has happened to us though. The very first time it happened was just after Washington took office. Washington looked upon his secretary of treasury Alexander Hamilton to come up with a solution to this crisis. The nation was 81,496,000 dollars in debt. Alexander Hamilton devised many plans to help with the financial crisis. Right now if I were secretary of treasury I would try to raise taxes and base the taxes on how much you make, not how much is in the country. All of these things we spend money on are thing that we need to spend money on. I believe that the answer to our problems is tax increases. We will get out of this though, even if it takes a million years and hopefully we will not go back into a Depression.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:06 pm      

      Good use of information. I am thinking that the information you received on the military spending of other countries came from somewhere. Care to cite this????

  21. Kayla Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:15 pm      

    America has a lot of debt, and we the youth are being punished for the generation before ours mistakes, and this is not something that should just be overlooked, we need to get someone who can dig us out of our debt someone like Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton helped dig America out of a huge debt when George Washington was president. The way he did this was to cut unnecessary government spending, and he also put a high tax on things such as whiskey. He recognized that the debt back then was nothing to be taking lightly, so he taxed people even If it made them very angry with him. And that is what I think he would do about our debt today, he would think of a solution and tax people high, even if people hate him for it. He would probably set high taxes and cut some of the money we spend on defense, this may be the thing that needs to happen so we can get back on track; this may be the only solution to our great debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:03 pm      

      Good ideas. Could you reference the charts and graphs I made available to provide you with even more support?

  22. Keva Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:16 pm      

    Every year we get worst in my opinion, in finances. We spend too much money on stuff we really don’t need. It is the governments fault, but not as much as it is ours. We need to become cash smart. Think what we need to survive or to educate, and to know what we what like toys.We can still buy those things but, how many dose a person need to have. I mean really, we our suppose to be America, the best country ever that people what to live here. I haven’t been seeing it and that is depressing, we could do way better. Being allies with other countries is one thing but to live of them is just pitiful. As kids we have the bigger imagination, we can think of all these things we could do but it is not in our hands, but the adults. In stead of telling each other witch everyone else has been great at we should be telling the adults. They are the ones buying everything, and those things are usually made in China. Why can’t we build want we need and want. That one thing could maybe lower the prices of objects, we wouldn’t have to pay China, to pay for them to be shipped here, and if we create more jobs finances probably would be as bad.

    • Dane Said,

      February 10, 2012@ 12:25 pm      

      I like how you stated that america isint living up to its best country to live in. I really says something about our government.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:43 pm      

      A lot of strong opinions, but no data used from given graphs or outside research. Also sentence structure and spelling/grammar need a lot of work

  23. Saxon Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:19 pm      

    Being a young U.S citizen it’s our generation that will have to pay for the mistakes that we did nothing to cause. So I believe it’s important that we come up with some kind of solution to start paying off our debt now, because if we ever need money again then no one would want to lend it to us because we don’t pay off what we already owe.
    When the U.S was in debt after the Revolutionary War, George Washington asked Alexander Hamilton to figure out ways to solve the problem. Hamilton came back with three ways, the first was to have the U.S government agree to pay all federal and state debts, second was to create a national bank, and third was the government would tax goods imported into the country. The only part of the plan that was denied was the final part which was taxing the imported goods, the congress didn’t pass this last part because the people from the south opposed it saying it only benefited the people from the north, where all the industries were located. If Alexander Hamilton were here today he would not look at our country and say this cannot be fixed, he would say, well this is a huge issue that’s impacting everyone in the country so let’s come up with some solutions to try and fix it. Based on the solutions he came up with in 1789 today Hamilton would probably raise taxes, and cut out the unnecessary spending our government is doing. According to the chart if we cut some of the funding for the defense department we would be a lot closer to the amount of money that we bring in each year. In class we learned that the U.S alone spends more money on defense than any other country. In fact we spend as much on defense as all the other countries combined! If that’s not a lot of money I don’t know what is, after all it isn’t mandatory spending so we don’t need to spend that much on it. Hamilton might also raise taxes because he did want to tax the goods that were imported. Honestly everyone thinks that raising taxes is such a bad thing, but I feel they don’t see the big picture that there is a reason for doing it. They don’t see that this could help the overall well-fair of the country, I also believe that there are people who are not capable of paying higher taxes therefore we should only tax the people who can afford to do so. Overall this country is not hopeless, yes, there is work to be done but I feel we can accomplish it.
    If it was my job to come up with a plan for our financial situation I would most likely cut the unnecessary spending and might decide to raise taxes it would help the country but to me it’s not worth it to anger the people by doing this. America is in a very bad place financially right now as you can see from looking at the first graph and you could even tell that from the second graph too, some even say it’s the worst shape the economy’s been since the Great Depression. It doesn’t help that both sides of the political parties can’t make a compromise and meet somewhere in the middle because every minute we waste arguing is a minute that we could be doing something to help our country get out of debt. It doesn’t matter if you’re a republican, democrat, or an independent we all live in the same country and we can all do something to help.

  24. Fiona Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:20 pm      

    In America there has always been debt, starting smaller and getting larger. We have never been able to avoid it. Acording to a graph in our textbook, in Washington’s time the debt was around $77, 228,000. Now it is more like 4,000,000,000,000 which is quite a a lot more! People may think that over time it will just all go away, but every day it goes up, and up and up and never stops. We might be able to lower it a little for a small amount of time, but we can never actually take it away. Maybe there are some small things that Alexander Hamilton would do to help this problem. How can we actually solve this problem of our huge amount of debt?

    I think that Alexander Hamilton would help our country get more jobs. If he did that then it would probably help the debt issue. Something that he might do would be make the job age for children a little younger. He might also make it so factories will stop making new things all the time that cost a lot to make and sell. We don’t need all the new fabs and all the awesome stuff, it just is a waist of money. Maybe he could also only let factories make new technology, only when we really need it. He also could lower the amout of money we spend on defense. Yes, we do need to protect ourselves from some things, but if we didn’t go to war as much we wouldn’t have as many enemies. I think that is what he would and should do.

    The thing I think we really need to stop spending on is new and improved technology. Sure we can make new technology once in a while but we don’t need it all the time, we could live fine with some older technology. We spend tons of money on products like the iPhone, iPod, iPad and tons of other things. I know people love these things and use them all the time, but honestly our nation would be way healthier and just better in general if we just cut down on the amount of money spent on making new technology. Another thing I think we need to stop spending so much money on is fast food. Fast food has made our nation have a high obesity rate. There are tons of fast food chains like McDonalds, Arbys, Wendys, Sonic, Carls Jr. and tons more. If we cut downs on fast food investment then we would have a healthier nation and a lower debt. If we cut down on the money used to make these things then our debt would be lower. Our nation would be healthier and happier. There also wouldn’t be so much stress on America and the president.

    • Julia Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 5:36 pm      

      You’re totally right! People are spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need. We need to invest more on whhat we need and less on what we want. Great job Fiona!!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:26 pm      

      I have a hard time following your logic. You say that we need to stop spending money on new fancy things. When you mean, “we” do you mean American citizens or the government? Do you think the national debt refers to how much American citizens owe in debt? The debt we are referring to is money borrowed by the United States government. At a certain point, you mention investment in fast food restaurants. I don’t understand. Is the government eating out at restaurants? You do connect this to obesity, which can influence the debt because the government has to spend more on health care, but I had to come to this conclusion on my own. Let’s meet up sometime this week to discuss revisions.

  25. David Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:21 pm      

    Over the vast amount of years America has fallen into a financial crisis, but this isn’t the first time it has happened to us as a country. When we had our first financial crisis it was because we had just got back from fighting a war. Thankfully, Alexander Hamilton was the one who brought us out of those dark ages. Alexander was a very smart man and if he were alive today he would have done very similar things for the current financial crisis that he did when we were first in a financial crisis. As shown in the graph when we had our first economic problem we were in tons of debt compared to today’s graph. So the first thing Alexander Hamilton would do in today’s crisis is repay all the debt we have accommodated in other countries so we could gain there trust. This step might involve a little rise in taxes, but the overall effect will gain there trust. Second Alexander Hamilton would probably make large budget cuts in the discretionary part of the current financial graph. This will decrease the amount of debt we will be creating over the next year. Finally, Alexander Hamilton would tariff all the imported goods to pay off the old debt. Once this happened we would have a stable government and we could increase job growth. Now, this is what I think he would do and I completely agree with him because if we keep spending money on stuff we don’t necessarily need than of course we are going to have tons of debt so overall its trust and loyalty that have to fix other peoples mistakes. This is also another reason why I dislike Obama because he is trying to promote things like Medicare and Medicaid when we are in a serious crisis. Overall, because my thoughts are based on saving money and conserving it makes me a conservative.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:33 pm      

      Good points. Check your NESL spelling of “there.” Should be “their.” I think your points and criticism are strong. I would counter (for fun) that President Obama’s health care emphasis may have more positive long term effects on the national debt because a healthier population of people will be more productive. Healthy students will be able to attend school and get the education they deserve and so forth.

  26. David Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:31 pm      

    Nice job Peter. I like the way you used examples from class.Also I like the example of getting rid of textbooks and using our own technology. I totally agree with you.

  27. Julia Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 5:32 pm      

    America’s debt crisis is soon going to affect us as we grow older and when we are starting out we are going to get pummeled by all the taxes that we are going to have to pay. We are also probably going to have to be the ones that have to roll up their sleeves and start digging everyone out of this huge trillion dollar mess Americans are drowning in. Alexander Hamilton, however, was able was able to pay off the debt by creating a central bank and a new tax. In this day I think Alexander would probably think to do the same but, we already have banks and we’re already being taxed to the point of no return. I think what Alexander needs is a new game plan. Maybe he would be able to come up with some genius plan that could quite possibly work without having to wait thousands of years. It would probably be harder for Alexander to comprehend that the United Sates would be in double the amount of debt that they were in way back then. A great suggestion is just to spend less and save more, AND save early! Everybody start saving your money because we are the ones that are going to have to chip in to help pay this debt off!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:08 pm      

      So, you do very little to show how Hamilton went about solving the first. This will allow you to apply these methods to the current situation.

  28. Morse, Jessica Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 6:28 pm      

    I think Alexander Hamilton would try to solve the current budget crisis by logically appealing to the common interests of the people in the United States. The debt that the United States owed in the 1st graph is primarily a reflection of wartime debt. At that time, the government was nor responsible for as many programs that our government and we as tax payers fund, as can be seen in the second graph. I feel that Alexander Hamilton would try to find a set of interlocking plans, not just one plan, to help pay down the debt. I think that he would begin with encouraging employment in the United States and extend credit to the companies that creat jobs in the U.S. Also, I think that he would limit excessive spending on public programs, which I don’t think would win him a lot support. But, I think if he could control banks and the credit they extend, it could help with the debt. I do believe that certain interests in regards to spending do tend tp side a person with certain political groups. A person who is concerned with public agencies that assist people are less likely to be accepting of wars that our country gets involved in, such as the Democratic Party. While the Republicans tend to look as national security as a more important issue. I think in the end Alexander Hamilton would have a difficult time taming our debt with all of the spending in different areas that goes on.

  29. Sydney Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 6:34 pm      

    America and debt. It’s not surprising. We spend a lot on defense spending and good intentions isn’t enough to pay back the enormous amount of money America owes. My generation will pay for mistakes that others made. I think Alexander Hamilton would have done something involving the common man and rich man alike. I think everyone should pay their way. If you spent it, you pay it back and no one else. I think this would be what Alexander Hamilton would do. My idea to pay back the debt and lighten the burden on our generation is that we should cut unnecessary costs. America should also agree on a budget that is less than what we bring in in order to have extra money left over to pay debt. Government funding for people who live off of employment checks and don’t make an attempt to apply for a job even though they are perfectly capable, should have their funding discontinued. Finally, I think if we paired up with another country, we could ask them to help us brainstorm ideas and see if America can pay them back in another form. An example would be that if we pair up with a country we are in debt to, and both the countries agree on a payment plan, America can pay back the debt faster.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:21 pm      

      Really good ideas. If you were to expand this, you might address fears some have of increased crime if the government cut funding to the unemployed.

  30. Hannah Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 6:36 pm      

    OUR COUNRTIES DEBT!!!!!!!!! I really don’t need to say anything else but the fact that were in 15 trillion dollars worth of debt! That’s really NOT a good look for our country as a whole. We used to be doing such as great job until Washington took office. All I know is 15 trillion is way to much money to owe! It should have never gotten that far! 15 TRILLION! That’s a lot of zeros! Honestly I think its unstoppable now. I mean if you just think about it…how on earth are we going to get the money to pay that back? Its just unacceptable at this point and it definitely needs to get taken care of.

    • Schultz, Caleb Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 8:22 pm      

      I like your thought Hannah, but what would Alexander Hamilton do?

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:13 pm      

      Ok, Hannah. As I look at this, I am confused that you may think Washington is responsible in some way for today’s debt. That debt was paid off in the late 1820s early 1830s. Today’s debt has been accumulating for some time. You don’t really do much to discuss how you would fix the problem, or how Hamilton would, for that matter. Please check the prompt to see what I mean.

  31. Daniel S. Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 6:37 pm      

    What Alexander Hamilton does to try and solve the current budget crisis is he makes a 3 part financial program: 1. the U.S government would agree to pay all federal and state debts, 2. the U.S government would charter a national bank for depositing government funds, 3. The government would impose a high tas on goods imported into the country. Congress had debated for 6 months and an agreement was made. When the wartime debt was paid off the U.S would build a capitol city between Maryland and Virginia along the Potomac River. The second part to Hamilton’s plan was to set up a national bank. in 1791 congress passed a law establishing he bank. The last part to Hamilton’s plan was to put high tariffs on imported goods.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:35 pm      

      Good job in answering the first portion of the question. Next, I want you to apply this to the current debt situation. Also, you need to reference the charts in order to receive full credit. Also, make sure that you paper has a recognizable introduction and conclusion

  32. Lauren Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 6:54 pm      

    Our nation is currently in 5 trillion dollars in debt because we barrow from other countries like china and many people are out of work. Alexander Hamilton helped resolve are national debt back when George Washington was president and we had just gotten out of the revolutionary war. Alexander Hamilton created a 3-step plan to get out of debt. I think we should use the same plan for our country today. This showed other countries that we knew how to handle challenges and we still do. Although Alexander’s ideas were great I have a few of my own. What if we stopped doing unnecessary construction projects because fixing roads and building over passes all those are government paying projects? Things like that, that we could cut back on. I feel like in a couple years we could pay of a lot of debt.

    • Garrett Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:37 pm      

      I definitely agree with you on the matter. The government should not spend so much money on construction projects that may not necessarily be useful at the moment.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:18 pm      

      Could you reference the data from the current graph showing how much we bring in and how much we spend? What parts of the budget go over what we bring in?

  33. Shelby Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:12 pm      

    Over the years we have had a president over the USA, we have been in dept because of wars, and just spending money on the things I think we want instead of what we really need. There has already been a Great Depression in the 1920s and I think we shouldn’t put our future adults to help pay the mistakes our government now makes today. It’s not really necessarily to buy the latest stuff. I waited till my third generation IPod was used enough before I got my fourth generation IPod. We just can’t go on with how the government is dealing with this. “The estimated population of the United States is 312,196,081
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $49,136.04 (U.S. National Dept Clock, top of page).” It also says that we owe, $15,340,079,920,897.85. It’s just amazing how we spend our money mostly on the department of Defense and Social Security when we don’t necessarily need those a ton. We could use defense and all that but not when we have to pay a really big dept. The two graphs are very similar because we haven’t ever had a dept free year, or make it more meaningful, a free day. I think Alexander Hamilton would think of something along the lines of taxing the other countries for trade items. We can have the other countries pay us for what they want with more taxes on them. Also I thin that he could not pay for what we want but for our needs as an economy. If I were Hamilton, then I would put a high tax on imported goods from the other countries. Maybe I would do something a lot different but right now they need to make a difference on the way we live. We could just start giving the people some encouragement that we can afford the depts. We can start now by saving money and think of ways we can get the money to the people we owe. I’m not sure how we got so much into dept but I can tell this world one thing. We can’t go on living like we can buy our wants before needs. We need a president who can help with our situation instead of make it worse. Each of our views on solving budget issues may out us into certain political categories because if were republican, then we may think that following the constitution is the right thing. Democratic may think of our needs right now. What ever our political group is, then this may interpret that we can and will think of this differently then what anyone else says. My reason I think that the money should be kept to a minimum right now so we don’t have our future adults pay for what the adults now made. This is what I believe should happen to our economy.

    “Hall, Ed”, U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK, Dated 8 February 2012, The Outstanding Public Debt as of 10 Feb 2012 at 12:40:59 AM GMT

    • Bella Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:30 pm      

      Shelby, i love your opinions and i agree with them! I also like how you included a link to the national debt clock, the amount is really crazy!! great work!

    • Emma Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 8:16 pm      

      Those are really good points. I like how you said that we are spending on what we want and not what we need and your example about your ipod. I also like the idea of actually saving some money every once and a while. Really nice job! I like it!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:25 pm      

      Good information used! I think some would disagree with you about government funding for social security. This is money people pay over years and years to have a regular paycheck when they retire. You may be thinking of welfare programs for those not working or contributing.

  34. josh Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:19 pm      

    In 1789, America had a new constitution, a new gov. and a lot of debt. Alexander Hamilton was the new secretary of treasury and was put in charge of finding ways to pay off Americas war debt. At the time, it required roughly $4,200,000 to run the country per year and there was around $4,400,000 income. However there was about $77,200,000 in debt owed primarily to France from the revolutionary war. Hamilton came up with 2 ways to pay back the money; make a national bank to deposit gov. funds and charge a large tax on goods imported to the country. I think that this is the correct way to respond to the countries first economic crisis, Although I do think that Hamilton could do more. In my opinion if the high tariff is the only legit source of revenue than it would be an extremely slow recovery process. Another solid method of income could have easily been higher tax or income tax. If i were to be classified to a political party because of my opinion than it would be the conservative party.
    Most conservatives — or republicans — believe that a good source of gov. income would be from taxing the rich. This is appose to the liberal — or democrat — party who believe that if the rich is taxed than they will not do as much FOR the economy such as creating new jobs.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:31 pm      

      The only thing you are mixed up on is the taxing of the wealthy and which party believes in this. Taxing the rich more is a democratic idea. Conservative republicans are against higher taxes. They often believe in a system called “trickle down” economics which says that the wealthy, if given access to more of their money will use that money to create jobs, purchase goods, and trickle the wealth down to the lower and working classes through spending and investment.

  35. Bella Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:27 pm      

    America obviously has some serious economic issues, and the insane amount of money we owe other country’s has reached a point, where we almost cant fix it. Back when George Washington became president and our country got started, the nation had already developed a debt of 8.1 million dollars. That number has almost doubled. We now owe about 1.6 trillion dollars. That’s equal to every U.S citizen today paying about 50 thousand dollars. Obviously not every citizen has that kind of money.

    When Washington took office in 1789, the nation debt started soon after, and he hired Alexander Hamilton to deal with it. Being a normal human being, Alexander couldn’t quite solve the overall issue. If i were’re to be in his position, i would be under a ton of pressure for one, but i would also try to do my best to help this national crisis. I would have raised taxes based on the citizens income. For instance, if a family were to make only 30,000 per year, they wouldn’t have as much taxes to pay as a family with an income of 200,000 per year. I also think that the entire income of the US should go up, and part of what you get paid should be “donated” to the government to help pay of the debt. I would stop the president from going on so many vacations and use that spare money to help pay it off, and i wouldn’t let them spend so much time on space exploration. We don’t even know whats out there and we are spending enormous amounts of money for studies, and travel. I say, we help out where we already live first! We need more attention than space does!
    This is an issue we need to address more than we already are, and it feels like it just been put of to the next generation of people. We need to act now, instead of putting it off and borrowing even more money from China.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:21 pm      

      As I look over this, I am following some of your logic about Hamilton cutting spending and taxing the wealthy a bit more. However, when you begin talking about the President’s vacations, I am wondering if you think the President goes on lavish vacations with the nation’s money. He has a salary and that would be what he would use for family vacations. Diplomatic trips to other countries are business trips where he is meeting with world leaders. Some of these errors could be remedied with simple web searches.

  36. Joey Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:30 pm      

    I think that if Alexander Hamilton was here today he would be overwhelmed by America’s large debt. I think that something he would spend less on is our military. The United States military spends more than any other country. I think America could probably sacrifice some of our military’s money because we have the best armed forces. His rival, Thomas Jefferson had different views. If it was up to him, he would choose to cut government expenses like paving roads and things like that. That is similar to the way that republicans today do things. He would also cut things that are really important like education. I think that is a mistake because America needs education. When George Washington put Alexander Hamilton in charge of fixing America’s first debt, America was bringing in approximately 4 million dollars and owed over 77million; Hamilton was immediately faced with challenges. His views were similar to the way that democrats today would do things. He decided that in order to try to combat America’s debt, taxes on whiskey needed to be put into place (which was not a bad idea). Many angry citizens rebelled. Hamilton also had to put up with Thomas Jefferson who disagreed with a lot of the things Hamilton did to try to fix the debt like making a bank system. This sounds a lot like Washington DC today! Also like today, the President had to come up with ways to make everyone happy. Back then, Washington had to resolve the riot caused by the whiskey tax problem by sending the United States militia of 13000 men to calm it down. I don’t think that something like that would happen today, but people sure are mad! You can easily see that with the way the Tea Party Protests keep popping up. It would be great to have Hamilton around today; If Alexander Hamilton could get America out of the large debt they were in that long ago, I think he may be able to help a little bit if he were alive today. I personally agree with Hamilton. I think Hamilton would probably make the more wealthy pay more taxes which would make him democrat. I don’t think it is a bad idea for people who have a lot to pay their share of taxes. People who are poor don’t have enough to pay taxes, so they should have to pay less.

    • Lillian Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:10 pm      

      I do agree with you that if Alexander Hamilton would be mad at the debt today, and i really liked the points you made good job.

  37. Lane Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:35 pm      

    This reminds me a lot about procrastination. Anyways I think that the government needs to stop spending so much of “our” money that we give them from tax. and what I think we should do to try to get out of all of our debt is to cut off some of our department of defense and try to find more efficient ways to protect us. plus I really doubt that we almost to 3,000 dollars of D of D. and what i think is unfair is when we grow older we have to pay for what the government did wrong. And what the government should do is cut down on the wants and start paying what we need. Also i think that the government needs to calm down on what the need to “run” a government in total. Thats what i think about the position we are in right now.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:02 am      

      Lane. This is well written. I am wondering where you got the three thousand figure for department of defense. Can you explain a little more? I think if you use a little more data from the charts and graphs, that will make this even better.

  38. Garrett Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:35 pm      

    While comparing the two charts I realized how important this was to them. Back then it was a big crisis, just like the crisis we are in currently. Alexander Hamilton is a great American icon that we should look up to, especially in times like this. We could easily do the things he did to cut down on debt, and rebuild our society. When he was helping Washington with the national debt in the 1780s he created an economic name for himself. I think that we should use the examples he set a long time ago and use them to help us out in our current economic crisis. When he realized how important whiskey was to the U.S. he found out that since it was so popular that he would get much more from taxing it. I definitely would take the republic side in the matter, mostly because i believe that a lot of stuff the government does has nothing to do with the governments main duties in society.

    • Garrett Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:38 pm    

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:54 pm      

      Garrett, good ideas. I think you have a good grasp on what conservatives believe in terms of the economy and government’s role. I would say that I’d like you to use more of the available data to assist you in the writing of the blog.

  39. Tyson Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:41 pm      

    As Alexander Hamlilton my first thought would be to either A raise taxes or B as we talked about in class to make like a special account to collect the money over a span of time to pay back everyone back in the over time like Germany did. They paided off their WWII debt about 2 or so months ago. If I were Alexander Hamilton I would balance the national budget by decreasing the funding to the social programs such as social security, medicare, and medicade and we could also reduce defense spending. By reducing these exspences we would be able to cover any debt with the revinous that are collected. We could also limit what are being sent over sea’s to Russia, China, etc… we could also limit the fee’s that we charge to bring in goods from other country’s.

    • HadleighAnn Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 7:56 pm      

      I agree with you but also in other countries we are charging them less to make our goods, so we would be paying more money from goods that we use on a regular basis, so how would someone handel that situation of evening out the price of goods so it doesn’t cause more debt.
      But i agree with the topics you were arguing on.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:06 pm      

      Good use of the data from the chart. You found ways to lower the cost of running the federal government. Each of these cuts would be controversial or face criticism from various special interest groups. Who might oppose cuts to social security? Senior citizens who make up a large percentage of eligible voters. Many groups might also oppose cuts to defense. While these are valid solutions, how do you put the debt as a priority over these programs?
      Good post!

  40. Aubrianna Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:42 pm      

    when the American Revolution started, the United States government was broke. We owed $11.7 million (a lot of money in those days) to European people. during the war we also owed an additional $40.4 million to people that you pay money to, in the United States, and $25 million more in just state debts alone. The interest alone was over seven times the annual operating budget of the “then” United States government. this is what we call a national disaster. Alexander Hamilton, a very brilliant man, was moneyless and had no family when he moved to New York in 1772 from the West Indies. he was planning for peace. he wanted it to be a peace of strength and prosperity. he realized that if the America (the new nation at the time), could put its debt on a proper footing, this would not only make a BIG meltdown in the short run, but it would bring HUGE commercial, military, and political benefits to America in the future. this was his plan. if the interest were paid regular basis, and everyone knew it would be paid and not spent on doing something else, then the actual debt would gain stable value. Seven years later, Alexander Hamilton got his wish. In the list of powers given to Congress, (which appears in Article I, Section 8), the very first number says that Congress shall have the power “To lay and collect taxes, to pay the debts of the United States.” so Alexander Hamilton would do the same thing now!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:21 pm      

      This is well written and you use data well. Could you show me where you got some of your information about Hamilton?

  41. Aubrianna Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:47 pm      

    i forgot to add the budget crisis part! teehee! im silly!
    by expressing your opinion on solving the budget crisis then people based on your opinions and beliefs may put you into certain political catagories such as democrat, republican, or the third party. people can be very judgemental like that and that is what we need to stay away from.

  42. Mitchell Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:49 pm      

    When Washington became the fist president of the United states of America, he was extremely nerves. Well I think any body would be nerves if they had to get rid of a 77,228,000 dollar debt. So him and alexander came up with the three step plain. I think we should use this same plan today but tweak it a bit. I think that one year we should raise taxes and the next give people a break and cut some things instead. I have made a list of some simple thing’s the government can cut, such as, how much money they give library’s, military, schools and extra. Now I know all these things are great and people work in these businesses but there gust gonna have to work around it. The government could also give tax breaks to people who work for company’s they cut down on spending on. So that people in America will have one hard year and one easy year. Then if this keeps going over years and years our debt could be over come within 80 to 90 or so years. Now 80 or 90 years can be a lot, but did you know that America has never been out of debt. Not even in our golden ages have we owned a single dollar that is right fully ours. Thats over 200 YEARS! Thats a super long time and never ever have we been debt free. Even if it takes 100 more years to get rid of this debt it needs to go. Its been with us and America for much much to long. This plan may not work, and my words of advise may mean nothing to you or our leaders of the future, but at least I know i put forth the effort. And the thought to try and help, our country.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:04 am      

      Well written Mitchell! I am glad to see you used the first chart. Incorporate the second chart to provide even more details and information. There was one time that we were out of debt and that was when the revolutionary war debt was paid off by Andrew Jackson.

  43. Eddie Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:52 pm      

    We are the future of our country, the leaders, and at our young age we have been hit with the idea of paying for a debt we didn’t even cause. Sooner or later, We will be 18, and considered adults. When we are adults, we will just be new to paying taxes. As our duty of American citizens and soon to be leaders of America we need to make a plan to help eliminate or US debt. Heres my plan of action.
    After looking at the graph our wonderful Mr. Stewart has given us it has come to my attention that our Defense spending is awfully high. So if we were to cut that by a somewhat significant amount we would be able lower our debt by some. Another way of cutting our debt is trying to stay “All-American”. What I mean is if we buy more of our on products made in the US we would create more jobs and send some of the money to our nation. Not some foreign country. We may also look into the past, and consider what our founding fathers did in our first financial crisis.
    Alexander Hamilton, well know as a financial genius. He was chosen by George Washinton to diverse a plan for the first financial crisis. His plan consisted of 3 parts. First we would pay back all of our war debt, then establish a national bank for citizens to take loans and deposit money in, the third and final was to make a high tariff. The last part never made it through Congress. Well considering that plan it wont help much. But if I was Alexander Hamilton I would be blown away by our debt and “say bye bye your on your own”. Thats unrealistic though so it wouldn’t happen. But what could happen is what I said before, cut the Defense budget and by more domestic goods and create jobs.
    We are the soon to be leaders of America. Its our job to step in and fix the problems our past leaders and politicians made. Time flies by, and before you know it we will be paying taxes like every adult we know.

    • Cayla Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 11:07 pm      

      I totally agree with you. I think that us buying from other countries is a major cause. But our government doesnt manage our spending very well, and doesnt think things out to the full. Although the war spending is also a cause because they spend to much.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:15 pm      

      Well written, and thanks for calling me wonderful. I’d like to see you get even more specific with how much we spend on defense and how much you would plan to cut. This would take a little extra digging, but would provide you with all of the information you would need to make a strong general statement about spending cuts and increasing production in American manufacturing.

  44. HadleighAnn Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:54 pm      

    When thinking of such a huge loss of money, you first would need to take into account of what you can save and cut back on which I think is the first conserderation Alexander Hamilton would take. With the national budget cuts now, and the debt from the revolutionary war a lot of money is spent on this like defense, social security and medicare and medicade. From my personal opinon is that if a budget cut should be anywhere it should be in defense. I personally think that defense and war in general is wrong and partially unnessacarry. I do think that most of it is need but some of the money is spent on things that as of now we don’t need. Latley I have been talking to my g-d brother in Israel who is in there milatary. He has told me much about the difference of defense from Israel to the United States. I personally think that the Israeli defense system is more productive then the U.S defense and I do not just think that because I am an Israeli. So for budget cuts some cuts could be made in defense but still keep a productive army. I think it would be more fair and correct to tax the rich equally but since Alexander Hamilton was a rebublican he would probally vote against that and go for a different approach on taxes. A positive and affective way to get out of debt could be to set a goal from were we HAVE to be out of debt so that we could set ways that we have to get out of debt so that we will not be creating lies from when we will get out of debt.
    I think Alexander Hamilton would create inivative ways of getting out of debt just how they did during the revolutionary war.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:14 pm      

      Israeli defense systems are funded largely by support from American defense spending. I think what your friend may have been referencing was the two-year soldier program which is probably more cost effective than the career soldier plan much of our military is on.

  45. Madelena Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 7:55 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton was a man that got us pretty far away from budget crisis around the 1780’s and 1790’s. He was responsible to do so. Alexander came up with 3 parts to his plan. 1 pay off federal and state debt, 2 create a national bank, 3 taxes on imported goods. The only part of Hamilton’s plan that didn’t work was number three. Farmers in the south were angry because they were taxing their whiskey and they didn’t think it was fair they were taxing their “liquid corn”.

    The situation that the United States is at this moment is frightful; and we have to work hard to solve the problem that generations before us have created. We need to find a way to get us out of this prison of debt. The two graphs provided to us by Mr. Stewart show the debt that The U.S is in and it also shows what the government does with taxpayer money. To solve our national debt one thing that we need to consider is cutting off some money from some programs like the department of defense. This category is a very sensitive part because many families live out of that money, but to be honest we don’t actually need all of that money. We are number one on the list of countries that spends the most money on national defense; we spend more than the 21 countries beneath us all together. Considering this may help the whole country get out of this huge economic crisis we should definitely at least think about it.

    If Hamilton were to come to the future and see the problem that our country is in he may have some ideas on how to solve these problems or how to start to solve them. One suggestion he might give is a very similar one he gave while he was alive. For example he might say that we could make marijuana legal. Some people will most definitely disagree with him. But if you really think about it the people have the right to choose whether they want to consume marijuana or not, and making it legal will help us get out of this very deep hole. There are solutions out there we just have to look for them and find them.

  46. Madelena Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:00 pm      

    Peter great job on your post. I agree with Davis; I like how you referenced things we did in class and also how we should use technology to learn.

  47. Caroline Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:01 pm      

    The only way to fix americas debt problem is through a combination of spending cuts and revenue increases. Alexander Hamelton would do multiple things to solve the debt problem in america now. One of the things he would do is cut government spending, right now the government is spending way more then they bring in, so if they stop spending the money they dont have it will be a faster way to pay the debt. Also to incentivise american companys to create and sell all of their goods in america, which would increse american revenues. He would also increase taxes on two groups, the first would be the extreamly rich, and the second would be to increase taxes on forign imports. This would not only increase revinues but it would also push people to buy american, rather than forign goods, keeping money here in the united states.

    • Mollee Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:27 pm      

      I like how you gave multiple things that he could do to fix our debt crisis. good job.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:11 pm      

      Good job!

  48. Josie Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:04 pm      

    In the first graph on page 248 in our textbook is showing that the amount that they were bringing in was barely covering the cost to run the government. The money we had left over was only 150000. Obviously we went over that amount by quite a bit. The total amount we owed in that time was 81,497,000. Well, that’s big for right then. Brand spanking new government and already were in trouble. In the second graph provided is a list of mandatory spending and the money we bring in. if we were to only spend the mandatory amount we would have a little left over. Spread the money thin, so we do have extra money left over, but no, we have to go and spend every last drop and then some on “other”. Why? “Because we need these ‘other’ things!” Really? Do we? because if we did it would be in our mandatory spending. Is it? No. So why are we digging ourselves into a hole? Because some people think that “other” is the fate of the world. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.
    I do believe that we need the department of defense, but do we really need to give that much to it? Life isn’t a big pink fluffy ball of happiness; wars do happen and hey, if we aren’t prepared because someone said to cut the department of defense all together, that’s not my fault. What I am saying is we need to start making more jobs bringing in more money and try not to tax as much. Remember the Boston Tea Party? Tax goods and, you are afraid of another war. That is exactly what Alexander Hamilton did. He took a risk but look at us now. If it weren’t for hard times, would we be here? Were we being “cocky” when we wanted freedom or were we only fighting for what was right?
    Alexander Hamilton was a smart but risky man. A woman in my opinion would have been better for the job. Are we a civilized, free country? Yes. Do we have debt? Yes. Are we still a strong country? Yes. We will soon figure out a way to fix this, and as an eighth grade girl, I don’t really know what that solution is. Someone with half an eyeball can see that our strong, civilized, free country is in trouble. When will there be a hero to save us? Is this a Cinderella story or is America going to stand up for its self and look amazing, again.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:19 pm      

      Good post! I got lost a bit in the middle in how you connect the Boston Tea party to Hamilton and taxes. A little clarification?

  49. Emma Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:08 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton used an ingenious method of three simple steps to save a nation drowning in debt. He ensured the Government worked together to honor and pay the country’s debts, established a national bank, and placed a tariff on imported goods. He took steps to keep our country trustworthy and yet, look where we are today. We are wallowing in a 3.7 trillion dollar debt that has been increasing by around 3.97 billion dollars a day since 2007. We have essentially thrown away all of Alexander Hamilton’s work… but are we completely lost? Yes, our debt is several times larger than that left behind by the revolutionary war. Yes, it’s true that according to Ronald Reagan we have a debt equivalent to a stack of dollar bills stretching from here to the moon. But, isn’t it possible that we can solve our debt with the same easy steps that Alexander Hamilton used (with a few minor changes)? Is it not possible that we can all work together to honor our debts and pay them off? Is it not possible that raising the tax on goods imported from China could pay off even a fraction of our close to bottomless debt? What would happen if we don’t pay what we owe?
    According to the graph of our national debt, a large chunk of the nation’s money is spent on defense. We can’t cut back on defense; it would leave us exposed to America’s enemies. But, if we continue borrowing from other countries and continue to put off repaying them they will stop lending their money to us. Then we won’t have any money to spend on defense at all unless the President and the congress can somehow come up with a miraculous plan to make our debt disappear and leave million dollar bills on their desks. The same goes for all of the plans and departments that have contributed to the debt; Medicare, Social Security, the fund for disaster. I guess what I am trying to say here is that it is better to cut back a small amount on government spending, then to wait for the other countries to get fed up waiting for us to pay them and strand us in a sea of debt forever. Without the money there won’t be any plan for defending ourselves against the Taliban, there won’t be an emergency fund for disaster, we won’t have Medicare. It is better to pay what we owe slowly in small amounts by cutting back on government spending, instead of putting it off and waiting for some light bulb to go off with an idea to solve this financial crisis.
    I think that Alexander Hamilton’s other idea about putting a tariff on imported goods could be extremely efficient. So much of what we have is made in China or Taiwan or other places overseas. If we raised the taxes even the tiniest bit on goods made out of the country, it would majorly impact our debt in a good way. If everyone payed a dollar extra on their shoes made in China than we could make a serious dent in that 3.7 trillion. If everyone contributes to something as small as that, then we could significantly cut down on what we owe. I think that using the ideas that solved our countries first economic crisis, can definitely solve the greatest crisis we have had yet. I don’t think that we need to be thinking about this issue as Democrats and Republicans. We don’t have time to sit around debating about our different political views because we all know that the two parties can argue until we all fall down dead and the trumpet blows on judgment day. I think that it’s time to put aside our different opinions and fix a problem that doesn’t only apply to Democrats or Republicans. It will affect all of us whether we like Obama or not. If we want to fix this financial crisis, we have to think as one unit.

  50. Nickolas Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:12 pm      

    When washongton became president in 1789, the natio was in serious debt because he was elected right after the revelutionary war. Alexander hamilton a three step finacial solution. The first part was to make the US government agree to pay all depts. The debt was around 82 million dollars according to the graph. The next step would be to bond to a national bank by depositing money. The final step was to tax more on goods that would be imported into the United states. I believe this was a good idea because the debt would decrease at a consistant rate therefor bailing us out of a debt crisis.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:24 am      

      Nick – You do a great job of summarizing Hamilton’s plan. Well done there. Is our government larger and more complex now than it was in 1789? If so, would Hamilton’s simple plans be enough, in your opinion? As we look further into this, I want you to take a look at how tariffs have been received by the general public since they were introduced. You’ll find that most (like Hamilton’s and the Hawley-Smoot tariff) were unsuccessful or rejected altogether.

  51. Dylon Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:14 pm      

    budget crisis, we are in one at the moment with over 15 trillion dollars. Alexander Hamilton the person who helped solve the budget problem for George Washington. Alexander Hamilton would be the best person to have solve the budet crisis, he would try to find a way to pay it off slowly but surely. every body in america would most likely have a slight tax increase on everything so that this outstanding balance can be paid off americas debt is so high that if it were golf balls you would be able to fill up sports athority field in denver 15 times. he would find a way to lower the debt spent out and increase the total amount of profit comming in. mr. Hamilton would find plenty of ways to solve the budget crisis , now all we have to do as ameicans is find a way to lower it by the time us kids grow up because we will be the ones paying it off for the generation before us. the debt has to be solved somehow and lowered or else us kids are gonna be finacialy broke from the adults. solve the debt befor things get really out of hand.

    • Eli Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 8:38 pm      

      Nice! i like how you said “now all we have to do as Americans is find a way to lower it by the time us kids grow up” it is really strong and valid

  52. Eli Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:35 pm      

    The debt crisis then and now was and still is a big thing, so if Alexander Hamilton is in our time i would think that he would do a pretty good job at making the debt at least a little better. For me i say that Alexander was like a GENIUS because he worked with George Washington which also had to deal with the debt crisis from there time. So i think that Alexander would tell us that we need to pay all of those countries what need need to pay them, this would take a little time of course, so we can help build back our new society and not live in debt. And if that didnt work then i would think that he would say that we need to use our money more “smartly” so we dont have to keep on paying such big taxes to the government to help pay off the dept. Once it is all over i bet the tax would be about 50-60% less. So as a kid now looking at those charts im like “pfft, thats nothing” but once im at the age when i need to work to support a family then the debt will hit then we dont get payed as much then every thing for us would take a down turn.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:09 am      

      Eli, I see some interesting ideas here. First, I’d like to see you use the charts provided to give you some support. Next, I want to know how you think that spending more wisely while cutting taxes would considerably lower our national debt. Granted it would stop growing as fast, but how do you suppose we’ll pay down what’s there?

  53. Cole Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:35 pm      

    Even though America’s debt from when we first started as a country seems like a measly speck of dust compared to the current debt of over three trillion dollars it was a really big deal back then. George Washington put Alexander Hamilton in charge of trying to fix the debt. He could have done this in many ways. If I were Alexander I may have tried to increase taxes a little on people who were richer. Also I would cut spending on the less important things that america spends money on. He put a tax on whiskey to help get rid of debt. I feel this was a very smart thing to do.
    Today America could increase tax on less important supplies like maybe alcohol. Also more states could legalize medical marijawana. Colorado is one of the few states that has legalized it and it has given our states government funds by a lot. I figure if states do this then we may be able to pay off debt faster. The united states could consider raising taxes on the rich too. In my opinion this would be a good way to decrease the huge debt we have quicker then we would otherwise.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:07 am      

      Your ideas are good, Cole. Do you think there are places in the blog where you could have provided solid information from the charts provided?

  54. Ryan Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:36 pm      

    Everyone says that the budget crisis started when George W. Bush took office, but I’d like to disagree. With the facts above the budet crisis started when George Washington took office. I just wanted to point that out. If Alexander Hamilton was alive and in charge to fix our problem he would probably cut some of the unnecessary spending our country has. For example; welfare, I believe that if you are capable and able to work then you should go out and find a job; whether it be at a fast food resturant or a government facility its still a job that is bringing in income. Also he would most likely figure out some way to stimulate industries in this country. For instance the housing industry; in order for people to buy a house, they have to have money, in order for people to have money they have to have a job. So the base of this whole crisis is jobs. Small businesses have to have incentive to hire people, so they can grow their business, and (back to the root) creat more jobs. People say that Obama has created so many jobs in the past four years, but in all honestly he really hasn’t. Yes, I am a Rebuplician, but seriously just because of your party why does that determine anything? The reason we are in so much debt is because we are spending money that we don’t have and making dumb deals with people on the other side of the world, instead of making deals with businesses to creat more jobs. Thats just my opinon, so sue me if you don’t like it, but its the truth.

  55. Danis, Blake Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:56 pm      

    After the Revolutionary War the United States had acquired a large amount of debt from other countries. George Washington, the first President of the United States, put Alexander Hamilton in charge of finding a solution to our nation’s debt crisis. Hamilton created a three step plan which included; paying off the war debt including each of the state’s debt, raising government profit, and creating a National Bank. A simple way to create profit for our modern day government is by cutting expenses. In my opinion I do not feel our Nation will ever be completely debt free; however there are ways to minimize it. Government expenses must be scrutinized and any wasteful program should be eliminated. Congress should be the one to determine if a program is wasteful or not. And if they determine with a vote it is not needed, it should be eliminated.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:15 pm      

      Good use of information. You could cite the graphs for more support. Also, needs a conclusion

  56. Kurt Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 8:57 pm      

    The debt experienced after the Revolutionary War is in the same situation as our current day debt. The chart listing America’s debt shows that America’s debt is now over 3 trillion dollars. The chart showing the Revolutionary War debt shows that the debt was only around 8,000,000. When Washington was in office, the dollar could buy more because the prices on objects were extremely low. In an analogy, a dollar back then would cost around $27.00. Washington put Hamilton, the Secretary of Treasury, in charge hoping for a great solution. Hamilton came up with a plan that consisted of three parts. America would agree to pay all of its debts, the government would establish a national bank, and to impose a tax on goods in the country. All of these plans were to show the honor and will of the new government while paying off the debts.
    After some background history, I feel like Hamilton would change our economy to start. Hamilton had the mindset that the country should first take full pledge to pay off the debts then change simple things in the economy. Our government is currently mentioning to the public that they are planning to solve the debt but placing other actions ahead that would add on to the debt. Hamilton would probably notify the public of his plan to solve the debt problem before anything else. Hamilton however would not establish a national bank because of the argument of that it may be unconstitutional. Since the current pessimists, protesting, I think Hamilton would take the smart road and not try to start a national bank because of the arguments it caused before. If Hamilton would have gotten unconstitutional arguments when Washington was in office then he would get probably a lot more in current times. The only difference, Hamilton will not win and his bank plan will fail. Hamilton could not complete the last part in his plan today because we already have taxes on items. We have tried to raise taxes but that has been declined. With these obstacles, I believe Hamilton would take advice from fellow members in the government and agree with the National Sales Tax plan. Currently almost everything is taxed and as much as I would hate to say it, we need to tax more if we cannot raise taxes. On a side note if that plan goes into effect, the debt might decrease faster.
    Based on history, that would be my best guess on how Hamilton would solve the crisis. On the other hand, I would try some different approaches. I like to see myself as independent because I do not like to join sides when it comes to politics. My beliefs however put me into the parties. From my look on the debt I like the ideas from both the Republicans and the Democrats. Barrack Obama has a great plan to raise taxes on the rich. I think this is a great way to support the government and it only takes away some of the rich’s million dollar incomes. Mr. Stewart said something in class that shocked me and made me agree with Obama’s tax plan. Mr. Stewart said that Mitt Romney, a millionaire, had to pay less for taxes than him. Besides taxes I would not cut any expenses but I would look toward the Legislative Branch for some help on this issue. The Legislative Branch has the power to make bills that become laws. Something I wonder is why they do not make bills with economy in mind. For example Congress could make a job bill. To be more detailed, the bill could create jobs to repair structures around the country. These are only my thoughts but after research I feel like these are best fit. With my research, I also found that my beliefs would put me with a democratic view. Overall, the country should either follow Hamilton’s actions with debt or find other ways then cutting spending and funds for projects.

    • Kurt Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:02 pm      

      I’m sorry, I made a mistake with our current debt. I read the chart Mr. Stewart provided wrong. The national debt is approximately 15 trillion dollars.

    • Peter Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:26 pm      

      Kurt, what you said really put a change on my perspective on how I see this Nation crisis in debt. You questioned the Legislative branch on how they decide of what bills to make and how these bills effect the economy. Couldn’t have asked a better question myself and you understand how we can fix it.

  57. Alyssa Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:00 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton would have been put in charge I think that he would probably cut some unnecessary spending and stop the government from spending money they didn’t have. I also think that rich people should pay the same amount of taxes. And since the United states was already in suffocating amount of debt because of the war. Hamilton could also have raised taxes slightly and I know that it sounds dumb but how are they supposed to dig their self out of $18 million in debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:48 pm      

      Some of the figures and facts you state are a little incorrect. Such as the 18 million. Where did that number come from? Please reference the graphs provided to support your writing even more.

  58. Jake R. Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:02 pm      

    The first graph I looked at showed how much it took to run the government, the income of the country, and the debt of the country. The total debt from 1789 to 1791 was 81,497,000 dollars. Not the best way to start out a country. The next graph was the current national debt. It showed a massive debt as well, a lot more than ten times the debt of 1789 through 1791, but it also showed how much the country spends on certain things like social security, Medicare, defense, and other departments and agencies. Alexander Hamilton developed a plan for the debt of the first graph. His plan was in three parts. The first one was that the country would agree to pay all debts. The second one was that the United States would have a national bank. Finally, the third one said that the country would impose a tax on goods imported into the country. If Alexander Hamilton where alive today, I think he would take a much similar rout to a debt free country. He might make the taxes higher to bring more income to the government; he might change the attitude and Habits of people paying for things they don’t have the money for, and he might give our budget a look over and take some unnecessary spending out of it. I also think he might look at the graph I just looked at of the current debt and decide if we are spending too much on things like social security and defense. If I had a say in fixing the national debt I would probably go about it in a fashion just like Alexander Hamilton. Doing some important things like changing the minds of people who think they are wealthier than the really are, increase the taxes until we can dig ourselves out of the whole people dug for us, and take some unnecessary things out of our spending budget. Debt is definitely one of the country’s biggest problems right now and has been for a long time on and off. Alexander Hamilton had a good plan that helped his generation and I think we can do the same thing with some big changes to the country’s government.

  59. Lillian Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:04 pm      

    The debt that we are in is crazy. I think we should have pay a lot more attention to the debt instead of just blowing it off until it get really serious. I looked up what exactly Hamilton did to help our financial crisis. I found some good information on how Alexander Hamilton helped George Washington get through the financial crisis that was left from the American revaluation research on I found out that Hamilton learned economic principles from his mom who was a shopkeeper, and went to apprentice on a large mercantile finance. When George Washington took office there was a big finance crisis from the revolutionary war so he got Alexander Hamilton to find a solution to paying off all that debt. You can see just how much money we owed back then you can look at the graph on page 284 it say that we owed 81,497,00. I searched how much money we owe today and right this second its 15,340,593,020,654.31. It says that the national debt has continued to increase $3.97 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Wow that is just crazy the website I went to is Now if I were Alexander Hamilton I think I would have said that they had to put forward a certain amount of money each time they got pay to try to pay off this debt. I know that it was probably not as big of an issue back then but I mean do u see that number for today it increase like each second, so my point is I think they need to make a greater effort because all there doing right now is making it worse. I mean the government it spending the money on stupid stuff and we have enough money to pay off the debt. So why not is my question?

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:10 pm      

      Lily! This is a great blog post. I was impressed to see your use of data and the extra research you did to support your claims. Well done!

  60. Audrey Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:09 pm      

    The nation has the biggest financial crisis ever! Nothing like the one that we had after the Revolutionary War. In that war we had Alexander Hamilton to fix our problems and diminish our debt but in this one Americans seem at loss to what to do exactly.
    After the first Revolutionary War America was in an $81,479,000 debt, which seems huge but not compared to the debt were in now. Back then Alexander Hamilton got rid of Americas’ debt by a three step process. Step one was to make the U.S. agree to pay all federal and state debts. The second step, to charter a national bank for depositing government funds. Step three, the government to impose a high tax on goods imported into the country. In the end Hamilton helped make the debt go away so I believe that he would be a good help to America today.
    I think that to solve the current budget crisis Alexander Hamilton would probably by cutting back on buying things that are not needed. Also he might increase taxes on goods imported into the country the same way he did in the early days.

    • Hannah D. Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:44 pm      

      Great statement Audrey! I like how you stated the actual amount of debt we were in to explain how Alexander Hamilton fixed our crisis.

    • Matthew Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 9:49 pm      

      I agree, great statement. I’d suggest adding a citation and putting in more information. Your post would be a great intro paragraph, but if you explain a little bit more about how he solved the economic crisis, then you can go from a B-A to an A-A+

  61. Mollee Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:19 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton were here today he would be shocked about how much debt our country is in. When Washington was appointed president, and when the country became severely in debt, Washington assigned Hamilton the job of fixing the debt. He came up with a plan to create a bigger bank to deposit national funds. His other idea was to tax highly on imported goods. This would bring in a lot of money to help pay off the debt. If he were here today I think his plan would be to cut un-necessary government spending. Our government has spent a lot of money on things that aren’t really necessary for our country and if they stopped spending that kind of money, it would help. I think that the rich people who highly contribute to our country’s wealth, should be taxed higher. They may think that is unfair but they already have enough money to live off of and more so they could give a little of that to help dig our country out of debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:27 am      

      Mollee, these are really good ideas. I’d like to see you reference the charts to support your writing. When you say that we spend money on things we don’t need, this is a generalization that could be supported with some details or facts from the chart or a little more research. I think your plan to tax the rich more is consistent with the president’s current plan, as well as a plan supported by Dems and Reps called the “Buffet” plan to tax millionaires more.

  62. Peter Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:20 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton was a Treasurer for George Washington. He was a money man and so he would cut free spending in our nation. Alexander H. would abolish the welfare system because we are giving money to citizens that we really don’t have. This Nation is borrowing and borrowing money from different country’s because we are spending so much on welfare that our debt is scarce. Over 3 trillion dollars we are in debt and Alexander Hamilton can be a big factor because we would most likely increase tariffs on products that are not made in the U.S. that way we can have more imports made in the U.S. and that if they decide to make a decision to make a purchase then we charge taxes on those imports and have more money.

    Alexander Hamilton could change the salary of the federal government cause they make so much money that if you cut just some of there salary then it could save a lot of money. He wouldn’t have saved the car companies cause that costed united states citizens a numerous amount of tax dollars. There are companies that gave CEO’s bonus money even though the company went belly up and they still got more money for failure. It’s a same that people can’t live forever because Alexander Hamilton could have really changed this Nations way of spending and how we live as a Country today.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:02 pm      

      Peter – this is a good use of information. Could you do a little research to find out how much the government spent on Welfare related programs and the auto-industry bail out (as a percentage of our national income or budget)? This research would provide you with a strong basis for your argument.

  63. Hannah D. Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:28 pm      

    George Washington took office in 1789, which was right after the Revolutionary War. This war however, left the nation in great debt, with $52 million owed from bonds. Washington decided to put Alexander Hamilton to be secretary of treasury. This meant that he was in charge of solving the country’s financial crisis. Hamilton’s program has three parts to it, the U.S. government would pay all federal and state debts, the U.S. government would charter a National bank for government funds, and the government would obligate high taxes on goods. According to the chart, if the U.S. paid every cent of their income every year with this rate, it would take about 80 years to get out of debt, but with Alexander Hamilton’s program would lessen this amount of time. The National budget was also effected by Hamilton’s three part program.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:17 pm      

      Think of our current situation. You can take the extra step of saying that our job is to minimize the amount of time needed to pay down the debt.

  64. Nick Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:41 pm      

    We aren’t doing much for the debt in America. People aren’t paying taxes, the government is spending too much and congress can’t agree on anything. I think that’s where Hamilton comes in. I think that if he were still around we should put him as the head of the Senate so he can cut spending on, find out ways to bring in more money, and get things done in congress. By cutting spending and finding a way to get people to pay taxes we could increase income and increase cuts getting us out of debt quicker than just cutting spending. We can’t cut much spending seeing as most of the bigger spenders are mandatory like social security and Medicare. But we could cut from the Department of Defense and a couple from all other agencies.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:45 pm      

      Could you be more specific to how some aren’t paying taxes? Who, in particular? The wealthy (not paying enough)? The unemployed (not paying any)? Looking for conclusion sentence as well

  65. Matthew Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:45 pm      

    Today we have a budgetary crisis that is similar to our debts after the revolutionary war… only 10 times worse. Luckily, George Washington appointed a brilliant man to solve this crisis, Alexander Hamilton.
    However, what if Hamilton was faced with today’s problems? I strongly believe Hamilton’s main weapon would be tax. While Hamilton may tax the wealthy one percent (I hope he would), based on what I know about how he tried to solve the revolutionary debt, he would most likely tax foreign made goods, and popular American goods in order to make income greater than debt. I believe this because in early America Hamilton attempted to tax foreign goods, and did tax whiskey. While Hamilton’s whiskey tax may have caused a small rebellion, overall, these taxes helped America get out of debt. Hamilton also established a national bank to help us get out, but re-establishing the national bank will do less than nothing.
    Lastly, today’s economy is very different than the economy after the revolutionary war. This is why I believe Hamilton’s ideas are much harder to execute, with two parties who would rather kill each other than help the nation, and top-heavy economy that seems to have been built to crumble.
    “Alexander Hamilton.” Independence Hall Association. Web. 09 Feb. 2012. .
    “Alexander’s Solution.” Alexander Hamilton | The New-York Historical Society. The New-York Historic Society. Web. 09 Feb. 2012. .
    Finseath, Ian. “Political Battles.” American Studies @ The University of Virginia. Web. 09 Feb. 2012. .

    • Grace Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 10:13 pm      

      It’s very true that without these men our coutry would most likely belong to Britan. Alexander Hamilton’s ideas were complicated but well thought out and did not sink this county.

    • Kaeli Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 10:18 pm      

      Your points were understandable but even with all of the research you read and used I feel like the most part of your paragraph is your own opinions and not a very good amount of facts to back them up and give them more of a persuasion. I agree with you that it is a bit ridiculous that many people in our country just can’t put their opinion differences aside and work together. However, something I would have to disagree with you would be that you say one of the best solutions is to tax the wealthy by one percent. Even as great as that may sound to some people the idea does not sit well with me personally. As a student said in social studies class one day not to long ago, “You dug the hole and it is your own responsibility to dig yourself back out.” I do understand that many citizens can be in tough spots but I feel like for a percent of those people it is their own fault and for a lesser percent it is because of the specific situations they were in. My parents were in a hard spot for many years. Many times they felt as though they might not be able afford things like food. But because of hard work and never giving up for many years they were able to work up to where they are now. I strongly believe it is very unfair for them to be taxed higher because they worked harder.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:10 pm      

      Good paper. Think of how a national bank set up to print and loan money would be seen as a monopoly today

  66. Lacey Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:49 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton could help us today one of the most important things he could change in our financial crisis would be to stop the billions of dollars that is going into unimportant things. They have done a lot of research to see where the government is spending its money. A lot of money is going to foolish things that we don’t need to spend our money on now or even ever. Also with the money people are doing a lot of wrong things like stealing and lying and cheating. Over time not spending a lot of money on wasteful things would actually add up to saving money so we can pay off the debt. Just like if you were saving pennies eventually it will add up. You cant keep spending money you don’t have then pay off the debt. No family can work that way no person can work that way.If people stopped focussing on them self and they cared for the nation then we could pay off the debt because no one would be stealing the money for themselves.

    Another problem is that people that don’t work get money from the people who do work. Everyone should have to work and pay taxes and only get help when its absolutely necessary. But once again you find a lot of lying and cheating. People who don’t want to work lie and cheat so that they don’t have to work. It was working very well according to the graph. What was spent and what was brought in it was almost even. But now we spend way more than what we take in. What we need is some good creative ideas to bring in money. The graph shows that we keep adding on debt and not working very hard to pay it off. People did the right thing we wouldn’t have this problem.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 12:41 pm      

      You have good examples, but you should provide evidence and research to back it up. Where are we spending money that you say is foolish? You provide no examples. What about welfare? Could you have provided some data as to how much our nation spends on welfare for those out of work? What might happen if they were cut off?

  67. Kaeli Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 9:54 pm      

    No matter what political party or opinions each of us may have, we can all come together at this time and agree that the debt we are in is overwhelming and needs to be taken care of. The approach that a man named Alexander Hamilton took years ago worked and erased all $81,497,000 of state debt with only $4,419,00 as their income in the time span of the years 1789 to 1791. Again whether we are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or undecided we can all agree that the fact that Mr. Hamilton paid off all of that debt in those circumstances was incredible. However, now is where we start to split off into our different opinions. Does everyone agree with Alexander’s approach? No. Should we use his approach of cutting off unnecessary spending and putting high taxes on products? Some say yes and others no.

    I personally agree with the approach of cutting off unnecessary spending. We need to stop using our money for things that are ridiculous or of less importance. I believe that we should cut back on things that are bringing our beloved American down. For example, one of the couple things that I strongly insist are holding us back are drugs. “$5.50 per day gives a monthly average of $165.00 spent on cigarettes… $9,900 in five years. $19,800 in ten years. $39,600 in twenty years. And don’t forget, this was without earning any interest.” (1) Think about what actual good places that money could be spent at instead of the drug store due to addiction. “Between 1997 and 2001, smoking was responsible for $167 billion in annual health-care costs and lost productivity in the U.S. alone.” (2) One of the big ways we can start cutting down our spending is doing our best to have the most amount of people we can stop their drug addictions or raise those products on their taxing so hopefully money can be spent elsewhere.

    The other approach that I would like to address that Alexander took was putting high taxes on products. I agree that some things could be taxed higher such as drugs in hope that fewer are willing to pay the cost and choose elsewhere to spend. However, what happened because Mr. Hamilton decided to raise taxes on things such as whiskey, the people began to rebel. In a country like ours and in the circumstances we are in at this time I believe it is not a good idea to proceed with policies or laws that we know will bring forth riots. It would be in our best interest to avoid those situations as best we can and know how, it would not be in our best interest to have our country slowly die from the inside. Going back to my drug cuts I believe that we shouldn’t just rise the taxes of the products right away because surely there will be many upset citizen who could respond in some disastrous ways. Instead I believe we should do as Alexander did after the people rebelled because of the Whiskey taxing. We should slowly but surely increase the cost of the products so that this year by the next the cost will be more but so that it is not so much as a shock for the people and for a bit many may not notice. If you look at our life right now, this method has been in effect for a while with gas expenses. Our reaction may not be positive but the cost increase was not so surprising so that for the most part emotions did not get the best of us.

    There are many other ways I believe could possibly all add up to help make a difference in our country and slowly erase our debt. We just have to be open- minded to all ideas and do our best to help America. We, the oncoming generations effected immensely by the mistakes of others that resulted in massive debt, must do our part with our new ideas and approaches to aid our older citizens. We must find the best solutions and never loose hope. We all live here on this beautiful land and it is our duty to give back for all we are blessed for. Let us aid those in misery and confusion by our debt and save our beloved America!


    • Grace Said,

      February 9, 2012@ 10:08 pm      

      I agree with you when you say we need to cut spending. The ideas people had when they started this country was for it to be a beautiful place that others would want to live in, I fully agree with you.

  68. Grace Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 10:05 pm      

    Every day, every hour, every minute our countries debt grows bigger and bigger. This depression our country is facing is not the first one ever to happen the first was when George Washington became president. However George Washington was not on his own when he faced this crisis, he had Alexander Hamilton. In our current time period I think Alexander Hamilton would act with smart reasoning and a good direction to send this country to try and get it out of our debt. When the government first started they owed more money than they could handle. I believe he would find ways to eliminate unimportant things our county is currently spending. First he would probably cut the military budget, but not the whole thing. Considering our nation is number one at spending in military expenses, cutting it wouldn’t do that much. This nation has tanks and other items of war that the government has paid for that will never be used. I also think he would try and find more jobs and try to push people to get a collage diploma. In addition he could get the government to stop spending so much government money and stop borrowing money from other countries. He would want American to get their food and other common goods from farms and stores in America. The contributions Alexander Hamilton made will be remembered and honored throughout history. He overcame the greatest odds because he loved this country.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 8:15 pm      

      When addressing Hamilton’s plans, you mention that he would get people to purchase from local farms and businesses. How might he go about doing this (tariffs?). Looking at the draft, I see a lot of places for revision in spelling (collage/college).

  69. Ashley Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 10:15 pm      

    What would Alexander Hamilton do if he were here? Well I think firts he would be so suprised of how much of our debt has built up. It is up to 15 trillion dollars that is insane!! Second he would most likely put as head senate, for he would be able to cut all of the unnecessary goverment spending, and last he would probably start having everybody start paying thier taxes and most likely raising them to get us out of this 15 trillion dollar debt. The two graphs are pretty much the same, they are showing us how much the other countries are in debt, but then our country is there and we are 15 trillion dollars in debt. When I grow up and for the next generation to come it will be bad, unless someone starts doing something about it. When i get older we will be the ones trying to pay of this horrible debt. If this debt doesnt get any lower then 15trillion dollars and just keeps going up, then by the time im in my 20s i will mostly likely be broke, so they need to fix this problem now. I sure wish Alexander Hamilton was still alive and here with us today.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:23 pm      

      Ashley – I am glad you reference the charts. I think you may have misunderstood their purpose. The charts both show American budgets, one from the 1780s, and another from 2010. The big factor is that in the 1780s, our government did not spend in deficit numbers even though we had a large debt. Now we have a large debt and continue to spend in the deficits. This is really what I wanted you to identify.

  70. Cayla Said,

    February 9, 2012@ 11:16 pm      

    The United States has been in debt since day one. To this day we are still trying to pay off our debt, but we only seem to get deeper in debt. We are borrowing more then what we earn. According to graph 1 it says most of our debt is from the money we owe to other countries. A way we can help get that money back is by cutting back on the borrowing and trading with outside countries and put that money toward the companies in our area. We can also cut back how much money the people in the government get paid and put it toward the debt. Alexander Hamilton made a plan to put into place a National Bank that was to hold the peoples taxes, government funds along with giving loans to government workers and borrowers was all a plan to help put money towards the countries debt. However, many did not like this because it was unconstitutional. But who’s to say that this plan wouldn’t have worked because not allowing it got us only further into debt! Maybe Mr. Hamilton was onto something, but we will now never know!

    Alexander’s plan was great idea, but I think that what needs to happen now is that all majorities of the social programs like welfare and Medicare and Medicaid are scaled back or elimated completely. There are many people who are on these programs that are more then capable of working and taking care of themselves. Getting or should I say make those who are able bodies go out and get a job to support themselves vs. having them mooch off of the government. Having them go to work and make money will then turn into money that is taxable which then goes into the income for the government of the United States. So now not only are these individuals working and contributing to society, they are no longer using programs that are funded by the government. It’s really is a win, win situation. They are putting into the pot and are no longer taking out of the pot. Another way to lower our debt is to tax the other countries we get things from. If we do this then more people in our country will have jobs and will have more money that can go into taxes, which then go into the debt.

    The first graph shows that our country received $4,419,000, but our total debt was way higher due to the government borrowing over $81,497,000. This is a big deal because the money the government received was only a sliver of what was spent. The second graph shows us how over a couple hundred years the national debt went from millions of dollars to TRILLIONS of dollars! This is a big deal because the debt gets bigger and bigger every year. If we were to put a dollar toward the debt every second in a minute it will take more that a lifetime to pay it off!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:20 pm      

      Really good use of information and ideas. The ideas to cut welfare and medicaid spending put you into a conservative category. The congress just approved unemployment benefits extensions, which you might disagree with. However, in the interest of keeping an open mind, it may serve you well to research the stories and experiences of those who are on unemployment. Many of them are men and women who have lost jobs due to the sagging economy and are doing everything they can do to provide for their children. Please note that this comment does not mean that I don’t agree with you. I just think that taking a little time to see the human impact of any cut to federal spending might make you understand how difficult of a decision this is for anyone in charge.

  71. Alexa Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 12:04 am      

    We are all (hopefully) aware of the extreme amount of debt our country owes. It makes us sick at the fact that our country owes 15,334, 494, 850, 700 (as of this second) and counting. In fact, the debt will grow dramatically by the time I finish and post this. The big question is, how do we dig ourselves out of this hole? Some say “tax the rich! Tax them now!” and others would say “we need to cut spending in general”. But in the end, all we want is for this debt to be cleared up. It’s drowning us.
    Alexander Hamilton was appointed by the President himself to find an effective way to pay the great debt America owed in result of the revolution. They owed about 54 million, and not to mention another 25 million from the states. By this time, paper money was worthless. What did Hamilton do? He did a few things actually; such as creating a National Bank ran by the government. This way the country could make money that they desperately needed. He also raised a tax on whiskey, also known as “liquid corn”, hoping the tax would raise income. But it also raised conflict, known as The Whiskey Rebellion. Farmers were unhappy with the tax, leading them to, well… rebel. Hamilton and Washington didn’t give up and eventually scared the farmers into behaving.
    If Hamilton were around today, he would hopefully have a solution to this national crisis. I would have to disagree with some students at the fact that he would cut spending on defense. He was in fact a military officer. But I believe he would raise taxes. Hopefully he would consider the conflict raised from his whiskey tax when deciding what to tax and by how much.
    If it were up to me, I would suggest cutting unnecessary spending to start with. We just don’t have the money. I’m on the conservative side especially when it comes with spending. As Mitt Romney has said, “America is not better off than it was $1.8 trillion dollars ago”. Whether we all agree with each other (probably not) or not, we need to find a solution to this massive crisis that will definitely affect all of our lives when we are left to fend for ourselves.


  72. Brandon Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 7:02 am      

    If Alexander Hamilton were here today, he would be amazed at the size of the debt, the debt today is probibly three times worse then the first time. i think hr would try to make another national bank. i also think he would stop trading with china and other countries. he would even raise taxes. i would sending soldiers to Afghanistan. I would raise taxes an stop trading the unneeded stuff with other countries. These choices would make me a republican.

  73. Schultz, Caleb Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 7:13 am      

    When the US was in huge debt after the Revolutionary War, Alexander Hamilton was the man who took charge of the problem. Thankfully we had Alexander Hamilton who was a financial wiz, came up with three solutions to solving this debt problem. One was to have the government pay for federal debts. Next he made a national bank, and finally he made the government pay for imported goods. But today we seem to be treading water in an ocean of debt. So if he was alive today and the president let him be in charge of our current debt crisis, I think he would cut some of the discretionary spending which is not necessary. But I think he would still invest some money into the discretionary spending category. Next I think he would ease up on how much money we put in to our military. If we are equivalent to the twenty-one countries behind us I don’t think we need that much more of a military; that is a huge amount of money we are putting pouring into that department of government. Next to increase revenue, I think Hamilton would legalize marijuana and tax the heck out of it; that
    would increase revenue. And finally I think that he would reduce the government’s borrowing and spending.
    In my own opinion, I think our debt is bad. Even though the debt is partially from warfare, in both cases – the Revolution and now, I do not think this is a good enough reason. I don’t want to be left with a huge debt for my generation, when we did nothing to bring it about. I think the graphs are good visuals of how bad the situations were/are.
    The similarities between today’s national debt problem and the national debt after the Revolutionary War are how to go about solving the huge problem.
    I think the national debt is a big issue not just for current America, but also for us as the next generation as we inherit the national debt.
    I am always curious about national debt – why should I have this debt poured on me when I hardly know what it was used for? Every minute we are slowly getting submerged in debt – this scares me because it is going to take a long time to pay off all that debt. In the first graph we see a very large amount of debt and very small revenue.
    I think that my views on the National Debt might put me into a conservative political party. This is not because I am totally a conservative, but because I don’t want the government to spend a lot of money on a lot of things that are extra to basic government. I do think that government should help people, but I don’t want them to do it too much when we are in such a mess. I think after the debt is paid down, we should decide to spend more on other programs. I think our country could do it – pay the debt – if we really wanted to and tried to.

  74. Kannon Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 7:35 am      

    If Alexander Hamilton were here he would probably be surprised at how much we are in debt compared to when he was working for George Washington. If he were here today though the first thing I think he would make is a plan for how to get rid of our nations debt. Most of his ideas might be turned down. The first thing that he might propose is to raise taxes but probably nobody who isn’t in government might not vote for the law but mainly congress could. If I were Alexander Hamilton the first thing I would probably propose not building more of the weapons that we are using in war because if we are pulling out of the Middle East then we don’t need all these weapons. So if we were to cease building weapons we could start using that money to help solve our debt. Also I would propose that in all states, where there is a traffic light that is sometimes used but not constantly used to be replaced with round-a-bouts to cut electricity usage. These small details can add up like if you make changes like getting rid of some traffic lights that can add up to a good amount of money that can attribute positively to solving our nations debt crisis.

  75. Auddie Beth Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 8:30 am      

    If Alexander Hamilton was with us today we would be suprised how much debt he was in while he was working with George Wasington.While they where in this debt the U.S frederal goverment would pay ALL the debt in the U.S.A .The goverment would make a national bank to deposite all there money. The goverment would make all the things that comes in from the U.S would charge all of them. Most of these ideas where turned down.They needed to stop buliding weapons for war. The first one passed and the second did but the third one did not pass.

  76. Alfonso Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 8:33 am      

    the u.s. government would pay the all the debt.the government would start a national bank to deposit the government money.the government would have taxes on all the goods that came in from other country.the first ,second plan passed the third plan did not.i think Alexander Hamilton would raise taxes and i think that could work but it would effect a lot of people but it would work.

  77. Kammi Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 8:35 am      

    In the U.S the U.S would pay all the debt. The government would make a national bank to deposit all of their money. The government would charge taxes for all the products that come into the U.S. people did make enough money to afford a national bank. But the taxes for all the products that come into the country did not pass. So the plan is to pay more taxes for all the products that come into the country and still pay for the bank. If we do this then all the dept will go away soon. Alexander Hamilton would make everyone pay more taxes. So if we all do pay enough money and just pitch in then all the dept will soon be gone.

  78. Kenneth Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 8:37 am      

    The first idea was for the U.S government could pay all of the debt, second plan was for the government would make a bank, and the third one was that the government would make taxes for food being shipped from other countries. The national bank was developed but the taxes on the food did not pass. All of Hamilton’s plans did work and passed except for the food taxes. What I think Hamilton would make a tax raise which to me does not sound good. I would make this huge festival and cookout with all that good stuff.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:00 am      

      I’d like to know more about your poan for a big festival and cookout. So, the entire country hosts a cookout? Do they charge for food?

  79. Alli Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 9:25 am      

    When George Washington set foot in office, he knew the great responsibility that awaited him. He would have to set the first presidential example for the nation. He encountered many problems while in office, one very large crises was after the revolutionary war. After the war, the US owed about 100 million dollars in debt. He established the independent central bank, and established a tax system for generating revenue. However, I disagree with how Mr. Hamilton, because I feel that the people should help with solving the debt, not just the government.
    Now days, the United States is still in ridiculous debt. In class, we figured out how many years it would take to pay off the debt, if we payed off a dollar every second. The number was incredible, and something that I think we should be taking more seriously. The democratic party seems to want the government to take more action to solve this debt, while the republican party is more likely to want we the people to take more action. Either way, our nation is in some serious trouble right now, and we need to take that seriously ourselves, and do whatever we can to pay off the horrible debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:08 pm      

      Good thoughts. I think you could reference the data from the graphs provided so that your info about how much we owed (close to 78 million) would be more accurate. You could have also used the data from the other graph to show how we are spending more than we are bringing in.

  80. breezy Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 9:37 am      

    The plain was that the government wanted to put more taxes on the goods that came from other countries. The government wanted to establish a bank and to keep the money in there. The government also wanted to pay all the debt. The government never could pay all the debt, all they got was $4,419,000 in income and they owed $81,497,000. The government could lose some military people because the government pays for guns, tanks, armor, at the other items for the military. If we lose some military positions then we would have some extra money to pay debt. We also don’t need to give other countries money like we did to Japan for there earthquake.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:37 pm      

      Well said, Breezy. The amount we pay out in foreign aide makes up less than 2% of our national budget – however the spending to the military is roughly 20%. Very often, the people that make these financial decisions cut from where we spend the most.

  81. Jonny Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 9:53 am      

    What I think Alexander Hamilton would do to solve the current budget crisis is that he would first tax every good made outside of the U.S. Then, he would pay off all of the state debts. Then, he would pay off ALL of the debts to any one. Some of my thoughts about debt is that why do we have so much war debt. We could just cut most of government expenses like some military expenses, and some school expenses like public school sports. Why can’t we just have a balanced budget so we don’t have so much debt?

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:34 pm      

      Jonny – A lot of people agree with cutting defense spending. You might consider the fact that funding for public school sports is almost non-existent as many of these fees have been passed on to the parents. Consider if your mom or dad has had to pay for you to play a sport in the recent past. These fees exists, and go higher, when funding to education is cut.

  82. Jordan Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 10:14 am      

    Alexander Hamilton was put in charge of fixing the nations national debt. Alexander had to consider what the nation really needed and what could be cut. So he could cut any unnecessary “wait” from the budget that wasn’t needed or a necessity to our nation. He could also raise tax slightly on things like alcohol or other things. The tax would have to be slight though otherwise people would start to notice the great difference in the price and they would protest. Hamilton also had a 3 part plan. 1st he agreed to pay off all federal and national debt. 2nd he would charter a national bank for government funds. And last but not least we would put a high tax on goods that will be imported in to our country. This might have worked back then but our debt is so much worse now and we continue to “dig a bigger hole” that’s going to be very difficult to get out of, and I highly doubt that these things will work for us now. Even if these ideas did work it would still take us thousands of years to pay off all the debt that we owe.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:20 pm      

      In your opinion, then, what would work to bring in extra revenue or where could we cut costs?

  83. Derek Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 10:17 am      

    The only way to get rid of our national debt is a long and hard road. I think that if we can elect a good president that we could eventually get rid of the 15 trillion dollars that we owe, without hyper inflation. But if we make the wrong move now then we might even reach 30+ trillion soon. We need a good leader to lead us out from under the rock that we hide in. We need someone that isn’t afraid to act, but will make the right choices, not the wrong one, we need someone that won’t lie, someone that will follow the constitution, instead of making “new” rules. I think the key to getting rid of this debt is a good, strong president. Most of all we need our troops back home, not in a foreign country. We need to be worried about our own land not someone else’s. If we just leave them alone we won’t have any trouble, we need to be patrolling our borders and get ready for possibly mass chaos. They can fight it out, because we are the ones causing this war. War doesn’t last 11 years, the only logical reason it’s lasted this long is because we are trying to take control of something that isn’t ours. Leave them alone and we will be left alone. They are only defending their own country. If we take our companies out of china and other places we have debt and move them here we would have that chance from more jobs, more money, and our debt might not be so high. We need to keep all our stuff in our “room” we don’t need to have so many companies around the world. We need to reunite and stand together. “A house divided cannot stand.” If we bring everything back we can manage our money easier and lose a lot of our debt. But that’s my opinion.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 1:16 pm      

      A lot of big statements here. Wondering if you could at least reference the graphs or other outside data to support your arguments to make them even stronger.

  84. Nate Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 10:23 am      

    Let’s face it, we have problems to take care of that are above just having a great president. We need complete support and sacrifice from the people of the United States of America. Sure benefits are good to give to the people but we can’t give them 15 trillion dollars in debt. Being 15 trillion dollars in debt and giving tax cuts is like being homeless and wanted because there’s a large group of thugs we owe a 50 lifetimes worth of money to. In that situation we can afford to provide social security or give trillions of dollars to set up a space colony on the moon. If our government were a household we would be in jail until we died. So do we want to have to tell our kids what it was like when our country was in civil war or can we create a better future for generations to come? And set them on the track to recovering those 15 trillion dollars. Did you know with the George Bush tax cuts we are losing money as a government? Did you know that when and if those tax cuts expire our government will start gaining money? Now why would a government agree on tax cuts that would continue to put us farther and farther down the hole? The reason is a firm republican belief is we cut taxes and promise to reduce spending to jump starts the economy. That sounds all fine and dandy but what they do is reduce taxes and don’t reduce spending. Also we seceded supposedly as a nation that we needed to go to war with Iraq. The majority of Iraq were Christians until we went over and attacked them. A lot of their cities were named after Christian people or principles. Then the people of Iraq heard the Americans were coming to shoot um up in their nation they all fled scared as they watched the terrorists take control. They watched them change their cities names and change the principles the people of Iraq stood for. See what going to war accomplished absolutely nothing. Not only that but we can’t afford to go to war. We can’t afford to spend our dollars on losing soldiers life’s in a country if we had left alone would have been friendly. We have many illegal immigrants over here undoing the jumpstart George Bush supposedly did to our economy by taking the jobs Americans so desperately need. Why are the illegal immigrants over here? The reason is we are spending more money of the borders in the Middle East than the ones of our own country. We clearly have a problem here. The tax cuts and Afghanistan and Iraq wars were all on borrowed money. This is not how you get out of a financial hole. We need to provide for the “common defense” but the problem isn’t the nations it’s the group of terrorists that were controlled by Osama. We killed him but someone new is just going to take charge and if we kill him someone new will lead. We can exterminate them we just have to unit with the world against these terrorists and look out for them together. Not by going to war with everyone. Awareness is key and totally appropriate for our no money situation. “We the People” can do it.


    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 2:01 pm      

      You have some good points. But, some are unfounded. Your point about Christianity being the main religion in Iraq before American forces came in (somehow creating an Islamist resurgence) is simply not true. The country has been for well over 1000 years primarily Shiah muslim.
      Your opinions are strong, though, and reflect a strict fiscal conservative spending plan. You may find that your opinions are shared primarily by Republican candidate Ron Paul as far as spending goes.

  85. Isabella Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 10:23 am      

    Alexander Hamilton’s plan was very intelligent, and helped them pay of their debt. So why can’t we re-use his idea? The third step of Hamilton’s plan was to create extra taxes for imported goods. We could probably do the same things. But instead, we can put extra taxes on things that are bad for us. Like liquor, cigarettes, fast food, and maybe even things like Twinkies. With the money that we gain from that, we would make a lot of cash. Another thing that we could do is tax the rich a lot more than we already do. Not only because the poor can barely afford the taxes they have, but also because the rich are rich! They can definitely afford any taxes we put on them. My thought of taxing the rich would put me in agreement with the Democratic party.
    On the graphs, I noticed that the extra money we are spending, like on the defense, is necessary. It would definitely be hard to cut all those things. So I think that the extra taxes on the rich would make up for all that stuff. I also noticed that we are almost in the same situation that we were in like in our last financial crisis. We are barely are making enough money to run our government as it is, and are making a very minimal amount of money to help pay off our trillion dollar debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 12:42 pm      

      Nice concise writing. I want you to avoid use of words like “stuff.” See my performance indicators

  86. Auddie Beth Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 11:08 am      

    If Alexander Hamilton was with us today we would be surprised how much debt he was in while he was working with George Washington. While they were in this debt the U.S federal government would pay ALL the debt in the U.S.A .The government would make a national bank to deposit all their money. The government would make all the things that comes in from the U.S would charge all of them. Most of these ideas where turned down. They needed to stop building weapons for war. The first one passed and the second did but the third one did not pass. I think that how you can change the debt is pay more taxes and everyone would pay 300 dollars every 2 years and then if that law does not pass them when you work you have to pay 1/2 of what you made and give it to the federal government. Also if you have no money and YOU are in debt then the government would have to let you do two jobs and you could not be let go unless you did something wrong.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:08 pm      

      Audrey, let’s talk about how to clear up these ideas so that your points shine through. I want to make sure that you are clear on the prompt’s directions.

  87. Cassidy Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 11:23 am      

    We are soo far in debt do you think we will ever pay it off. I think that we should increase taxes on the rich but only because they are taxed less then us, we pay 25% and the rich pays 15% coming from a democrat Obama has helped us alot but when every 33.51 secs. we go more into debt it seems impossible. When you really look at it we can help it but i dont think we can pay it off, the only way we could is if every person in the whole world payed 32,000 in one year we would be able to get out of debt but we would go straight back into it 33.51 seconds later. The national Debt amazes me and i think that if we all work together that we can decrease the amount that we owe. yes if you think Obamas putting us more in debt look it up, yes he has borrowed from bankes but he borrows to give even more back. Obama has tried and helped alot but in the ways of the national debt he failed. So i think that if we stopped buying unecessary stuff we would get out of this crisis.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 11:01 pm      

      To be clear, the wealthy are taxed at a higher rate, they just can write off many of their taxes due to tax codes allowing for them to decrease their taxable income. These loopholes are often easier for the wealthy to access than the middle classes, so the middle class bears much more of the burden.

  88. Becca Mace Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 11:29 am      

    America has over 15.7 trillion dollars in debt. We have tried paying it off but we are so far in debt that we no longer have it in control. The reason that I believe that we are so far in debt is we pushed it off to the side so long it has spiral out of control. How we can fix this massive debt is we can cut unnecessary spending and raise taxes for the rich. Some of the unnecessary thing that we may need to cut is we can spend less on making the new phone, getting the newest technology, flying Obama to all kinds of different countries to have “meetings” if he was flying to Rio why would he bring his wife and kids? I do believe that Obama is a large part in are debt. Obama has concisely put off a plan trying to fix the debt. If we were really trying why haven’t we heard anything about a new plan? Or ways we can fix it? MY generation is going to have this large debt on are soldiers for a long time. No one wants to have to pay off debt hat is not there’s. Obama has tried but in some ways has failed to pay off debt. If he was really trying we would hear about it all over the news and papers and online. We also can increase the taxes for the rich. They seem to be doing fine who says that they can pay a little more. Those who are rich may protest against it and start riots. Clearly we have something’s to work on

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 12, 2012@ 10:44 pm      

      You need to consider that Obama does not write the budget or spend the government’s money. The Congress is in charge of that. Why not blame our congressmen on both sides of the aisle? They formed a supercommittee to deal with the budget but could not come to an agreement by the end of the session. Also, I think you misplace the way the government sends the president on trips. Do you think he uses millions of government dollars to go on vacations? He would use his own money for that. He, as president, must travel to other countries and meet other heads of state. Also from early 2010:

  89. Sidney Gary Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 12:19 pm      

    Alexander Hamilton helped pay of the first national crisis right after Wasington took office. He had a three tier plan to help the USA out of the dept. Fist he would pay off the dept. Second he would make a national bank. Third he rasied taxes on imports. If he were still alive he would be able to pay off the national dept that America has today.

    Alexander Hamilton, if he was in charge of our dept right now he would probably do the same things that he did when Wasington assigned him the job.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:21 am      

      Sidney – you do a good job of concisely summarizing Hamilton’s plan. I think you need to go into a lot more detail about how he might go about helping with today’s system. Also, consider the rammifications if our national government set up a bank to lend money; the other private banks would lose a lot of business and jobs. In your opinion, is this worth it?

  90. Murrell, Adrian Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 12:20 pm      

    What Alexander Hamilton would have done, knowing that he’s taken us out of debt once, the odds are he’d do it again. Alexander would probably start by cutting the unnecessary government spending. And with this he would allow the legalization of Marijuana and tax that to help raise money. And after the tax has been payed off, he would keep the money under monitering. My thoughts on this,
    I believe that to solve the debt problem would be taxing and saving. Based on the data tables, we owe money, alot of it, and with my theory we can pay it all back. I believe that with the simple process of eligant duplication. what i mean is that we can duplicate the dollars and give them to the people we owe it too. This would decreas the value of it, but we could finally afford gas!

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:28 pm      

      Interesting thoughts. If you got the idea of elegant duplication from an outside source, can you site that information?

  91. 167457 Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 12:20 pm      

    At first we would just tax the people a lot. This would cover our expenses but it wasn’t getting us out of debt fast enough. So Hamilton came up with a plan composed of three parts.
    1.The US government would pay all federal and state debts.
    2.The US government would charter a national bank for depositing government funds.
    3.The government would impose a high tax on imported goods
    I think this was an exellent idea and it got them out debt. This is something maybe we should do now because it could possibly get us out of debt.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:45 pm      

      Good bullet point summary of the initial Hamilton plan. Could you consider how this might apply to today? In what ways would Hamilton’s plans, or your tax ideas be implemented?

  92. Charity Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 12:21 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton had to deal with today’s national debt, he would probably find a similar way to how he solved the national debt when George Washington took office. One of the first things he did after Washinton appointed him to take care of the debt was he developed a three tier plan. The first step would be to take care of the war debt. The next step was creating a national bank. The last would be raising the taxes on imported goods. If was still alive in modern times he would probably be able to come up with a good way to get rid of our national debt. If Alexander Hamilton was alive today, he would be able to develop a plan to solve our country’s national debt like he did when Washington was in office.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 17, 2012@ 7:05 am      

      Any ideas of how he would do this?

  93. Dane Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 12:22 pm      

    If i could try to solve our natinal debt i would cut federal spending because our current presadent has spent more than we take in so we are in a big debt. He spent to much federal spending on weaponary because we were in war in several diffrent places. This would cost us an extreamly big amont of money toward our debt. I would be more consistant about my spending i would manage how much we get in and send alot less than that on things our nation needs so we can all be happy in our own way. Although this might anger same people because they dont have the same political views as me so they would be against this but they dont know what they are getting from this because they are to busy thinking about their politacal veiws and how they dony follow the other side.
    I cosider myself as an idapendant because i see good sides to both political views. Because both sides have something good to say about what they want to do. I am not stuck up with my side of any political aguement.

  94. McKelvy, David Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:37 pm      

    What is the problem….The debt is out of control.what i would do to solve it is increase revenue,cut spending for the goverment,and increase tax for the rich and lower it for the doing this in a line i would be in the middle a moderate.And if i would deal with it the debt would already be finished and done like Alex Hamilton.

  95. Tony Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:44 pm      

    After looking at the graph Mr. Stewart has given us it has come to my attention that our defense spending is awfully high. So if we were to cut that by a somewhat great amount we would be able lower our debt by some. Another way of cutting our debt is trying to stay “All-American”. What I mean is if we buy more of our on products made in the US we would create more jobs and send some of the money to our nation. Not some foreign country. We may also look into the past, and consider what our founding fathers did in our first financial crisis.
    Alexander Hamilton, well know as a financial genius. He was chosen by George Washinton to diverse a plan for the first financial crisis. His plan consisted of 3 parts. First we would pay back all of our war debt, then establish a national bank for citizens to take loans and deposit money in, the third and final was to make a high tariff. The last part never made it through Congress. Well considering that plan it wont help much.

  96. Jordan Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:56 pm      

    America is currently in 15 trillion dollars in debt. We are in this situation because of multiple bad decisions made by multiple people in power. Because of those decisions, our generation is the one who has to suffer and pay it off. That is, unless the republicans and democrats of our government would agree on something for once and get our debt solved. In my opinion, our country would be better off without a government. Because without the government in the first place, we wouldn’t have gotten into debt. Unfortunately, the government now has too much power to be torn down, and were definitely too far in debt for it to be torn down. Plus if the government was completely abolished, America would be in ruins and we would never be able to get out of it. So it’s not an option to just get the government out of here. So we must come up with new ways to lower the debt. A good start would be getting the money we owe to all the countries we owe money too. One way to do that is to get our troops out of Afghanistan. We are spending billions and billions of dollars on that war, and we’ve already settled down terrorist activity enough. So why are we still over there? It’s time to send the brave men and women back to their families. I also believe we need to cut spending on all things we don’t need. For example, cutting spending on defense. If we get out of Afghanistan, we can easily do that. But another way is to simply close down the national parks for a few weeks. As an outdoors person myself, I wouldn’t like it, but I don’t need national parks to survive, I could go a few weeks without them. That alone would save us tons of money, bringing us closer to the money we owe to other countries, and with a few more cuts to spending, we get to that number and pay of all the countries we owe. And from there, the debt is easy to escape. There’s no reason to over tax, and no reason to over spend on something that gives hardly any help to the debt.

  97. Brandon Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:56 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton were here today, he would be amazed at the size of the debt, we are currently 15 trillion dollars in debt. almost half the money the government is spending is on unneeded stuff. Alexander Hamilton would probably try to set up another national bank.I also think he would stop trading with china and other countries. he would even raise taxes. If i were in the government, i would stop sending soldiers into Afghanistan. I would also stop trading unneeded stuff or stuff we can make here with other countries. I would raise the taxes two percent for everybody. I would also cut government-funded jobs. this decision would make me more in the middle

  98. Rees, Mikayla Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:57 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton were alive today, I believe he would make a very good plan. He helped us around the year 1789 and what he did worked. Hamilton came up with three plans to lower the national debt. What he came up with was a national bank, a high tariff and also taxing whiskey. I think Hamilton would cut spending on the military. I think he would do that because my dad is in the military and he tells me that there are a lot of million dollar tanks just sitting around. To me, that’s a waste of money, A LOT of money. Alexander might say to stop paying celebrities so much money. I mean, do they really need it all? Justin Bieber gets payed almost 1.4 million dollars a year. And a lot of celebrities get payed almost thirty thousand dollars just for a 140 character tweet. That’s a lot of money for nothing. That money could be used for something useful like paying the debt or making sure homeless people aren’t cold or at least have food and clothes. I believe that America has a habit of buying things that they mostly want and not what they need. I think that is a huge factor in the national debt. The debt back then was only $77,228,000 and now it is $3 trillion. I would increase taxes a little bit, but also cut spending on useless things like million dollar tanks just sitting around and the new uniforms the military get almost every year. I agree they need new uniforms but a new kind and a surplus of uniforms is bad.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:31 pm      

      I’d like to see you reference some of the figures you provide about celeb income. The biggest factor to consider is that these celebrities get paid by private companies, not the government. You may have a stronger argument saying that these people should pay a higher amount in taxes than the working classes.

  99. Brandon Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:57 pm      

    If Alexander Hamilton were here today, he would be amazed at the size of the debt, we are currently 15 trillion dollars in debt. almost half the money the government is spending is on unneeded stuff. Alexander Hamilton would probably try to set up another national bank.I also think he would stop trading with china and other countries. he would even raise taxes. If i were in the government, i would stop sending soldiers into Afghanistan. I would also stop trading unneeded stuff or stuff we can make here with other countries. I would raise the taxes two percent for everybody. I would also cut government-funded jobs. this decision would make me more in the middle.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:26 pm      

      Brandon – these are good ideas. I am glad to see you use plans from both sides of the political spectrum. To improve, I want you to reference the charts and graphs provided to make these arguments even stronger. Next, I want you to avoid the use of words like “stuff” in formal academic papers.

  100. Mary-Anne Said,

    February 10, 2012@ 1:58 pm      

    If Alexander were alive today he would make a big difference in the debt crises. When Hamilton helped George Washington help take away some debt. In the past it was $77,228,000 and now it’s $3 trillion. Just like when George asked Alexander to him and he achieved that responsibility. I think Alexander would have a really good plan if he was still alive. If he decreased the debt back in 1789 I am pretty sure he can do it now. The debt America has right now is way to much and were spending it on so much dumb stuff. I bet Hamilton would be a good debater and actually do stuff rather than what the government is doing right now. All the government is doing right now seems like they are sitting on their butts and not helping at all. I think we should stop all the spending that America is making to other countries. And also cut all the famous people’s money. Like for example Kim Kardashian gets paid $65 million a year and she doesn’t do anything really hard like teachers or cops that are actually working not modeling or traveling around the world. I really don’t think it’s good to spend almost all the money on famous people. We should also cut the payments to a lower number like only $2million or so. The graphs that are shown have a really big difference it went way higher now. In this period of time the debt got very high. I would lower pay raises for the government and also famous people because I think it’s really stupid to spend money on things we “want” instead of things we need.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 1:29 pm      

      You use the charts, and I am glad to see you understand that we have a spending problem. The actual debt number is more like 15.3 trillion dollars. I also want you to consider what it means to see a celeb earn millions of dollars. Is the government paying this person, or are private companies paying? There is a big difference here. Your real argument should be about how the wealthy who earn money in entertainment and other avenues should be taxed at a much higher rate than the working classes.

  101. Jessica Said,

    February 11, 2012@ 11:03 pm      

    Debt; our nation was in it in the 1700’s and now in 2012 we’re pretty much drowning in it. This is the worst the economy has been since the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Alexander Hamilton had a plan for fixing the nation’s debt in the 1700’s and his plan involved putting a high tax on imported goods, having the government pay all federal and state debt, and having a national bank for government funds. Now that our country is in trillions of dollars of debt, we’re still extremely overpaying celebrities. According to Lady Gaga earned around 100 million dollars in 2011. If we didn’t pay actors, singers, and other celebrities such a high amount of money, we would make a significant dent in the nation’s debt. If people truly work for their money, then yes they deserve it. Some people are earning for just being seen or mentioned on television. When people are earning millions of dollars each year, in my opinion the government needs to rethink the way salaries are created. This opinion may have me leaning towards the Democratic Party. Like Alexander Hamilton, I think that having slightly higher taxes and cutting some of unnecessary spending done by the government would also help the economy. When I think about the country’s debt, I think that the United States basically dug a hole too deep and got stuck. We have to get started fixing our economy for the generations to come.

  102. Mr. Stewart Said,

    February 12, 2012@ 11:18 pm      

    The reason we are worse off is in the graph as well. While the amount we owed back then seemed massive, our spending practices now are much more irresponsible than they were then. That’s the big thing to consider.

  103. Sammy C Said,

    February 13, 2012@ 7:23 am      

    Debt. We are a great nation of it. Now, we arent the werst but we have a major problem none the less. We should have seen this coming since even as we took our first steps as a country we had allot of it. Now, Alex Hamilton had a smart plan to fix it all. FIrst the US goverment would agree to pay for it and not have the people being majorly taxed. Then, he would make a bank for all U.S. goverment funds. Lastly he would make us pay a good amount on imported goods (despite the first idea). Now we have accumulated a way bigger debt. Now we need to find a new way to resolve theese issues. One way the goverment is fixing the issue is toattly unfair. They are taxing us. What did we ever do to get taxed? Its not our fault our country is buried alive in debt. Before Hamilton found a wat to majorly shrink the debt when we were loosing almost the same amount we were given. Now we are in an even werse situation. All I have to say is, we need another Alex Hamilton.

    • Mr. Stewart Said,

      February 20, 2012@ 12:57 pm      

      Well written! I’d like to see you use the information from the graphs provided to give you a sense of how we spent and how we spend currently. That would help your paper a lot

  104. Nicole Said,

    March 5, 2012@ 7:22 pm      

    The United States had over 81,000,000 dollars of debt, including interest to pay off. Washington’s challenge towards Alexander Hamilton was to devise a plan that would rid the United States of their debt towards other countries after the revolutionary war. Here is a link to a graph showing our national debt compared to the amount of money it costs to run the government and the amount of income the U.S receives from the year 1789-1791: This plan contained 3 parts, the first idea would be that the U.S federal government would agree to pay all state AND federal debts. Meaning if we wanted to get rid of our debt we would have to tell ourselves we need to contribute and agree to help. The second part of Hamilton’s financial plan was to charter a national bank. Thomas Jefferson opposed to this idea because he thought that allowing the government a national bank would give to much power to them and that nowhere in the constitution did it give permission to congress to establish a national bank. The bank would provide a safe, protected place to keep government funds. Hamilton’s third idea would be to raise taxes on imported to goods. This was the only part of Hamilton’s plan congress did not pass. All in all Alexander Hamilton did good for the young United States and dealing with our national debt and had many wise ideas.

  105. Sydney Said,

    March 8, 2012@ 3:45 pm      

    I think Alvarez is the one in the wrong here. If I were to be injured with long term affects, I would not want some creeper to take all the credit for work that I did. The government is not being the ” truth police” they are simply protecting the respect of the United States military and its soldiers.
    Those soldiers work very hard and sacrifice THEIR lives and THEIR families and it is extremely offensive to say that you did those things when you did not. The Stolen Valor Act isn’t so much as a speech restriction as it is a a social “rule”.

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